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What Pokemon GO and why on this game all crazy?
June 6, 2016, Nintendo released the game Pokemon GO. Should come down to one and a half weeks after the release of the shares of Japanese companies rose 1.5 times, and the whole world is captured Pokemon fever. On the virtual small animals hunted by hundreds of thousands of people, including senior judges, and even volunteers in Syria. What is the secret of success of the project and why Pokémon brought all crazy?
Pokemon GO – is a game company Nintendo, released for smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS control. Just a week and a half, it has become popular all over the world, people catch Pokémon in offices and parks, discuss them over dinner and in general, it seems, can not talk about anything else.
How to play?
It’s simple: catch and train Pokemon. The game works on the principle of augmented reality. The player looks at the world through your phone’s camera, looking at the display, and the program imposes on familiar landscapes layer of virtual objects:
Pokemon that appear on the map, depending on criteria known only to the developers;
Pokestopy – places where you can get the balls to catch Pokemon and useful items;
Special site, where you can train the Pokémon after reaching a certain level.
Lying on the couch do not get to play. We’ll have to walk very much. At night you can meet the ghost Pokemon Forest is found in the parks, and water – on the banks of rivers, lakes and seas.
What’s the point?
In fact, to have fun, collecting Pokemon, training them and communicating with other players. By the way, catch all the animals are very challenging right now in the game of more than 150, and this is clearly not the limit. In total there are 751 “pocket monster” in the fictional universe of developers.
How to catch a pokemon?
If you come across the Pokémon, you need to bring on zverushku smartphone camera and throw a special red-white ball by sliding your finger on the touch screen. If promahnёtes, the Pokemon will flee. Duels with other players is not yet available, but it is possible to train Pokemon for specific sites after reaching the fifth level.
The game is really popular?
Highly. In less than a week to release the game shares of Nintendo rose 1.5 times. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are playing Pokemon GO, the average spending on entertainment is almost 45 minutes a day. Well, the main indicator: per day on selling items for pumping Pokemon Nintendo earns more than $ 1.5 million.
What is the secret of success Pokemon GO?
Firstly, Pokemon GO has an unusual mechanics: you need to walk down the street and explore different places, and not just stay at home and move your finger across the screen. Secondly, the game is free: all the necessary items appear on pokestopah. You can buy them for money, the only difference is that you get just what you need, and much faster.
Do not forget about the popularity of the Pokemon themselves. In the animated series about them a whole generation. However, similar games about favorite small animals in the early 2000s was not, now 25-year-old boys and girls and come off in full.
It is already possible to go to the App Store or Google Play and to download?
Do not hurry. Wait 17 July. The developers promise that this date Pokemon GO appears in many stores applications for Apple gadgets, and devices running Android. You can download Pokemon GO and from unofficial sources, but it is at your own risk.
By the way, Google Play has seen fake applications that are disguised as a popular game. For example, Pokemon Go Ultimate download the program had more than 50 000 people are inattentive. As a result, instead of Pokemon they received screen blocker convertible to pornokliker – a program that generates traffic on the “adult” sites.
By the way, Pokemon – is generally what?
Pokemon – is a “pocket monster” has special abilities. Small animals in 1997 came up with the Nintendo, the Japanese company, and released them about a series of games and animated series, shooting is still going on.
History Pokemon – is fictional universe is in the genre of alternative modernity. That is, from our dream world is different only in that there are hundreds of different types of Pokemon, which catch and train people who call themselves coaches. His Pokémon are put against other Pokémon trainers. The main purpose – to collect all the Pokemon and become a better coach.

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