Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Background

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

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Once Plants vs. Zombies was a simple tower defense game about the struggle for a separate back yard. Now in the war games put a lot of money, and local collision of vegetable and afterlife worlds has grown to a global scale. Everything in life that is already there.
Two years after the events of the first Garden Warfare, the flames of war flared up with new force. The increase in the collision are drawn all the new warriors, but the essence of this war is not changing.
Like a turnip in the garden
Anyway, the main characters in Plants vs. Zombies was plants, and Garden Warfare 2 climbs out to the ghouls got more love. The key of the Garden Ops mode, where a team of four plants protects your garden from increasingly difficult waves of zombies, came the antithesis. The essence is the same, but this time AI plants come, and the zombies desperately defending particularly valuable the stone. Not to say that it strongly changed business, but the bias towards plants in the first part surprised fans walking have lost one of the most interesting modes.
Besides itself, the regime has become more flexible, and gradation of difficulty — much more tangible. On easy is a farce for the whole family, not looking to shoot in all directions. On average already need some no coherence — you should walk around the map, and down the drain, and grassroots opponents much faster replace a full-fledged enemy heroes. And as for complex and higher bloom tower defense elements, and if not to place on the map of minions, which in the first part the use of not only the victory you will provide unless a miracle.
To hold back the enemy waves are still possible in single player mode, but now can help bots.
Special mind they do not differ, but in most cases are way better than casual “friends” from the Internet.
The rest of the set was migrated into the game straight from the first part: a couple of variations of classic team deathmatch, the struggle for control points and hunt for explosive gnome, here replaces capture the flag.
The most fun as the original, mode Gardens & Graveyards — with the huge maps, which the plants defending a control point, and zombies systematically trying to capture one after another. Almost a full-fledged war. Analogue-“the Changeling” appeared here in Herbal Assault, the parties are reversed, but, as in the case of the Graveyard Ops, the new mode is played almost the same.
Modes Gardens & Graveyards and Herbal Assault, the attacker may call the mobile minions, but if the whole team is not calling their dozens of weather they will not do.
With new classes come and tons of new hats and accessories. The cult of the decorations from the game will not go away.
The only truly noticeable change in any of the modes now you can play with bots, without connecting to the network. The dubious pleasure (although of high complexity and bots can set the heat), but this feature has a practical application. Before the match, you can specify command parameters. For example, to indicate that zombies can only choose classic fighters from the first part, or to build a team of plants from soldiers of the same class, but different configurations.
All this helps to test the effectiveness of certain teams and any unit individually. Given that each side added three new classes and a bunch of configurations that is useful.
Will not grow vegetables not eat soup
With new classes all difficult. The original balance of power was skosobochennoy: zombies visibly losing plants in efficiency and in most matches remained an outsider.
The second part is clearly trying to fix. So, a zombie appeared warrior-pirate, able to produce the harsh, heavily armed parrot, showering enemies with fire from the air: a direct response to Cactus with a flying garlic drone. And in response to the Flytrap, in the first part for a minute, ate dozens of zombies appeared Brans Super — strong superhero, and equally strong melee and ranged combat.
Heroes of all classes are available initially, but to open their rare variations (different appearance and presence of any slow, incendiary and poison weapons), you will have to spend earned in battle currency for virtual sets with stickers.
All is good, but in plants the three newcomers turned out so powerful that the zombies again. Citron standard attack burns all in a matter of seconds, incredibly fast moves, put a shield and stuns opponents. Stick to this physician — and the enemy is doomed. Corn covers the enemy with carpet bombing and rocket’s hitting no worse than soldiers from the zombies, but it was almost the only weighty argument rotten army! Well, rose slows enemies, makes them vulnerable goats and disperses painful attacks in the area. Even a small amount of health she almost did not interfere.
The idea is that a balance needs to correct the third zombie-newbie — Imp: he knows how to call fur, one left satisfied exterminatus. Only missing it for a while, and while the ability to recover the match time to end.
Even more undermines the balance pumping. Gaining levels, heroes get not only the title, but the real benefits — such as high precision or fast regeneration of health.
Stumbling on a team, collected from well-developed rare heroes, don’t even expect to go on a personal skill.
In the sea cucumbers to plant
But it seems that the problem is the lopsided balance bothered the developers as much as the desire to understate and almost zero barrier to entry. And the flowers, and zombies now has its own campaign, taking you by the hand from the first minute. Even the most dense of the newcomer instantly around the train.
True, the full story mode is not called, the job evoke, rather, a chain of quests in an MMO. Go there and kill a dozen zombies, get plants that and get on base, find a missing agent, return to base of the lost soldier… and a bunch of other uninteresting “dirty” instructions. Often we all under some stupid pretext to send in Garden Ops.
However, the map where the action takes place the greater part of the story of job reminds PvP zone in the online rolevok. On the one hand the strength of the plants, on the other — the castle of zombies between them — a field which is infinitely faced mobs and spread all around the town which you can explore in search of the secrets of the chests with loot and side quests. That in itself is not too interesting, but it is in Plants vs. Zombies do not expect to see, and because it arouses curiosity. Although get bored after a couple of hours.
But a couple of interesting missions in the story campaign still found. In one mission, for example, you need to bomb enemy positions from the plane…
…and the other in the guise of a goat to run away from a huge hypnotic sunflower.
But after completing the campaigns have survival mode, where the role of a robot cat or a robot dinosaur need to fight off garden gnomes. No, this is not a joke.
The sum of all claims can not affect the rating, but in reality they play no special role. A single task will be over before you have time to get bored, leaving you with a lot of currency to buy new hats and heroes. Well, buy what you want, and going to conquer the multiplayer mode, you will find that they all, without exception, is happening equally fun pile.
The truth is, neither of which tactics and balance here nobody thinks. Garden Warfare 2 is not about that. Here, players (and their children) just having a good time. Serious, tight-knit teams come across, but so rarely, that magical feeling of the booth, they will still not spoil.

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