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Piper Perabo – American actress, who became famous after performing the title role in the film “bar” Coyote Ugly “.” Also known for the films “Slap her, she’s French,” “You will not catch”, “Prestige”, the TV series “Secret communication” and other tapes.
Piper Lisa Perabo was born in a family of Portuguese physiotherapist and professor of poetry, Norwegians by birth October 31, 1976 in Dallas, the US state of Texas. In Perabo has two brothers – Noah and Adam, who also became an actor. Childhood and adolescence girls were held in the remote suburbs of New York – New Jersey. The school is excellent studied Piper, involved in sports, played in amateur theater and dreamed of becoming an actress. After graduation Piper entered the Ohio University, where she studied theater. Within the walls of the university Perabo did not change yourself and still diligently studied, he graduated from the school with a “red” diploma. After that, she went to conquer New York, adding to a cohort of numerous actors who dream of glory, pestered New York studios. Piper began to play in a small theater company, then tried to get a role in a movie.
For the first time on Lisa appears at 23, and immediately won the attention and love of the public. In the comedy of Mark Levin’s “White Boys” (1999) she played the girlfriend of a white guy who dreams of becoming a rapper.
Following the success of a small girl cemented the role of an FBI agent in the comedy “The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle” (2000), which starred Robert De Niro and Rene Russo.
Already the third largest film work brought a pretty blonde in a rank of Hollywood celebrities. The fame brought her starring role in the film “bar” Coyote Ugly, “” (2000), where the Piper played almost itself. 24-year-old actress embodies the role of ambitious provincial, which leaves tiny New Jersey and goes for glory in New York. The heroine Piper, as once and the actress, the actress dreams of a career, but starts as a waitress in a bar. However, in the movie heroine Perabo terribly afraid of the scene and trying to overcome the fear of singing and dancing on the bar.
Tear-tape of the waitress made a lot of noise. The film is literally a breakthrough for a little-known actress – Piper was nominated for a popular channel MTV award in the “Women’s Breakthrough of the Year” category.
Perabo’s next role was far from naive image Queen of New York, and not without a little shocking. Piper played crazy expensive college student who falls in love with his roommate, the Canadian drama “You will not catch” (2001). The film won the National kinopriz “Genius” award at the International Film Festival in Mar del Plata for cinematography, as well as the audience prize at the International Film Festival in Stockholm.
Becoming a popular actress, Piper appeared in leading roles in a number of romantic popular comedies – such as “Slap her, she’s French” (2002), “The I Inside” (2003), “the exact opposite” (2004), “Imagine Me & You “(2005).
In 29 years, the actress appears in a dramatically challenging role of a young woman who is forced to leave Los Angeles and return to the unloved Brooklyn to care for their sick parents, in “Understanding”. Following in the 2006th, Perabo was lucky enough to play in the film Christopher Nolan’s “The Prestige”, where partners site Piper became Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Scarlett Johansson. This film has been twice nominated for “Oscar”.
In 2010, the year of 34-year-old celebrity was the main character of the television series “Secret communication”, which appeared in the image of Annie Walker, a CIA trainee steep.
Perabo also perfectly embodied his acting talent in the genre of sci-fi thriller, starring in horror movies such as “Media” (2008), “The Lazarus Project” (2008), “Bloody Machine” (2013).

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