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PINK FLOYD the story begins at Cambridge high school. Three students of this school had planned a joint effort to organize a group, and the future of this group was to become one of the most innovative in terms of concepts, techniques and ways of creating music groups. So, these three students were: guitarist Syd Barrett (Roger Syd Barrett, ex-THE MOTTOES, THOSE WITHOUT, THE HOLLERIN’ BLUES, rod. 06.01.46, Cambridge, England), bassist and vocalist Roger waters (Roger Waters, ex-THE TWO TAILBOARD, rod. 09.09.44, Cambridge) and a singer-guitarist David Gilmour (David Gilmour, ex-NEWCOMERS, JOKER’S WILD, THE FLOWERS, BULLIT, THE CREW, rod. 06.03.44, Cambridge). When waters took up the study of architecture, Polytechnic College, fate brought him with two other musicians: Richard Wright (Richard Wright, rod. 28.07.43, London) and Nick Mason (Nick Mason, rod. 27.01.44, Birmingham). They met in 1963, the year in rock-Blues band SIGMA 6. In 1964, the trio was first composed, THE ABDABS, and then, with the accession Barrett – THE SPECTRUM FIVE, LEONARD’S LODGERS, and, respectively. Later in 1965 year, the group again renamed several times, first in the PINK FLOYD BLUES BAND (sextet), then THE TEA SET (quintet) and finally the PINK FLOYD SOUND, composition: waters, Barrett, Wright and Mason. The name was inspired by the names of two old bluesmen Pink Anderson (Pink Anderson) and Floyd Cancila (Floyd Council).
In the beginning, the band was another rock-Blues project, but very quickly began to change and music started to be filled with psychedelic elements, and the name was shortened to PINK FLOYD. Now the music was there long instrumental passages, and space sound with many effects and increasing tension crying guitar solo.
The first performances of THE PINK FLOYD took place at the now legendary club the UFO, and it was there that they noticed and took under his wing the dealers out of the company EMI sound engineer: Rafik Ragimov. It happened in early 1967. There they released their excellent debut single, Arnold Layne, who was in the top 20. The next single was the track See Emily Play, which got in the top 6. After that, they released their debut album, the Piper At The Gates Of Dawn – one of the best ever released psychedelic records. The author of most of the works on this recording is Barrett (whereas on subsequent records creative activities will deal with waters and Gilmour). The mood changes from dark and dismal to happy; here are interspersed with long, deep instrumentation, bearing the charm of the original psychedelia. Because during the writing Led is constantly in a state of narcotic intoxication (he regularly took LSD), listening to this album able to cast crazy dreams. Unfortunately, the Led could not get rid of his addiction, and started using drugs more and more. As a result, he was unable properly to play during the concerts of the guitar, sometimes I started to play something completely unnecessary, or not to play was not. And so, in January 1968, in the taking of David Gilmour as the fifth member. He had to help the group live. However, the drugs continued its destructive effect, and a few months later Roger Barrett had to leave PINK FLOYD. Management of the group, seeing that they were left without a lead guitarist, composer and singer, chose to leave the project, and to work with sid as a solo performer. Many groups in this situation have lost their nerve, and they broke up. But not PINK FLOYD. The musicians went to work and recorded their second album, A Sauceful Of Secrets. This record includes a song composed by another Barrett Jugband Blues and two songs that have become concert classics groups: the instrumental, which gave the name to the album and Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun.
A Sauceful Of Secrets hit the UK Top 10, and although it was clearly created under the influence of the departed Barrett, however was not an exact copy of the debut; the music on it is more pronounced outline, and the disc is kind of a transitional stage to the new sound of PINK FLOYD. Also along with the CD was released two singles that flopped commercially, because of what the group has left this format for eleven years, focusing his attention on full-length records. The next disc music from Ummagumma was released in 1969 and it was called strange album. Part of it was recorded in a Studio and part – live right. The main composer is now made waters. In General, due to the work of PINK FLOYD is rapidly absorbed into the avant-garde space rock. In the following 1970 year, the audience was presented the album Atom Heart Mother, which the band recorded together with avant-garde composer Ron Gisenyi (Ron Geesin), and the cover art was created by graphic design Agency Hipgnosis, which in the future continued cooperation with the group. This was followed by the Meddle album, which includes hits such as One Of These Days and Echoes. PINK FLOYD surely was a great value on the British rock scene, and the memory of Syd Barrett was slowly fading away in the minds of their fans. And in 1973, the year PINK FLOYD released the album that received the most recognition from the public – The Dark Side Of The Moon, where the talent of the group had been the most vivid way. Waters proved to be a very extraordinary Creator of the text images, but Gilmore was recognized as a real guitar hero. The album was excellently produced, included avant-garde stereoplay and skillfully used synth and tape effects. Due to this, the album became a bestseller, and all were sold over 25 million copies (circulation continues to print and buy today). And about 800 weeks he stayed in the top 200 of Billboard magazine. The album Wish You Were Here was released two years after The Dark Side Of The Moon and also became number one in various charts. This entry 1975, the year many people called the apogee of the artistic career of the group. As for Wish You Were Here, and followed in 1977 year, the disk Animals, Roger expounded his view on the causes of alienation in modern life and fears of ordinary people – in General, what he started to do more on The Dark Side Of The Moon. And Waters managed to achieve the necessary symbiosis of music and lyrics. After the release of rumors about the breakup of the group. The fact that Gilmore, as well as waters, engaged in the production of their solo albums, and Mason took the production of the album of the punk band the DAMNED’s Music For Pleasure. However, in 1979, the year he released a disc of The Wall-famous concept album, PINK FLOYD (and most of the material was written by Roger waters), which shows the history of the alienation of the rock star and the isolation builds walls around us to protect us from reality.
The album again was a brilliant produced, and the level of sales can be compared with him, except that The Dark Side Of The Moon. This album was the basis for the eponymous film, directed by Bob Geldof, and filled with animation, Scarfe Gerald (Gerald Scarfe) – designer of images for the album. The single Another Brick In The Wall, pt II marked the band’s return to this format, and, coupled with serious sales. The album is almost entirely created by the waters in terms of compositions and vocals, was backed by live performances, during which a real wall up next to the musicians, at a time when they played on stage.
The success of The Wall did not resolve the problems that were brewing in the group. Between waters and Wright there were constant conflicts, and, eventually, in 1981, the year Richard Wright left the band. This is an excellent career of PINK FLOYD, if not cut off completely, then declined sharply.
Only four years after The Wall in 1983, the year he published another album, The Final Cut, which contained political material, interspersed with reflections on the consequences of nuclear Holocaust. This album is neither the quality of the production, nor inspiration, nor any innovations. In General it is a failed disk.
After that, the problems in the group escalated, and PINK FLOYD broke up in different directions. Each of the musicians pursued solo projects. In 1986, the year of waters finally left the band and tried to sue her name, but he did not succeed. Then he created his own composition of the BLEEDING HEARTS. However, in 1987, the year PINK FLOYD were once again together. Now part was Nick Mason, Dave Gilmour plus Richard Wright, who agreed to only participate for a special fee. They release an album A Momentary Lapse Of Reason, who was in the top 5. On this disc, much of the material belongs to the Gilmore, and the album is significantly different from its predecessors. A group of session musicians joined the band in the ensuing Grand tour, which lasted until the end of the year. The results of this trip in the following 1988 year, was released a double live album Delicate Sound Of Thunder.
In 1994, the year PINK FLOYD released their next disc The Division Bell, which was quite decent and, in the words of Gilmore, it sounds like PINK FLOYD time Wish You Were Here. The result of matching first place in the charts on both sides of the Atlantic.
After this record, Wright has returned as a regular member. Full performance of Dark Side Of The Moon became the basic content of the next live album Pulse. In the first quarter of 2000, the year PINK FLOYD released Is There Anybody Out There – The Wall Live – again, a double live album, which includes a full performance of The Wall, in honor of the 20th anniversary of the original recording, as well as a few songs not on the album 1979-year, but used in the film version of the disc. In 2005, the year the band reunited with waters for participation in the Live 8 project.

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