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Many of you have tried this extremely tasty and fragrant fruit. Externally similar to pineapple lump, covered with scales. The top is crowned with pineapple crest. Those who have tried the pineapple once, for life memorize the taste.
Homeland pineapple, probably Brazil, where he now grows in the wild. In 1502, the Portuguese put the plant on the island of St. Helena in the Mediterranean Sea. Only half a century later, they took him to different parts of Africa and India. In the middle of the XVII century. Pineapple was in Europe, where it is grown only in greenhouses, as in nature, this culture grows only in the tropics and subtropics.
Pineapple – is an herb with a short stalk, surrounded by rosette of thick and fleshy, like aloe leaves. In the center on a short stalk – inflorescence. After fertilization, it is transformed into an inflorescence stem, ie the individual berries pineapple grow together, and we get a fragrant and delicious fruit.
The main axis of the stems continue to grow, and on top of pineapple formed crest – rosette of leaves. At its base formed offspring. If they are planted in the ground, they are taken quickly, and grows fresh pineapple.
In cultivars of pineapple seeds are not formed, but if they cross with wild species, the seeds are ripe. About one third of the world’s pineapple ripens on the Hawaiian Islands. Large plantations of pineapples are located in Brazil, Mexico, the Philippines, Cuba and Taiwan. The pineapple rich in vitamins A and B. It produces juice and cook compotes and jams.

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