Pillars of Eternity: The White March 2 Wallpapers

Pillars of Eternity: The White March 2

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The last chapter in the history of the Guardian finally told. The second part of the White March supplement gives goodbye to their favorite characters, and puts an end to the history of the White Transition. With the scope and sense of the epic adventure.
Pillars of Eternity – a living mammoth in the world “sandbox” and infinite with the Assassin’s Creed Call of Duty. Let the games industry climate has changed markedly, he still feels good and full of energy. Moreover, one told the story of the project was not enough, so we bestowed upon another adventure. Large enough to split it into two acts. However, if possible, we recommend to try one of his calling, without a break for intermission.
Crowd Control – one of the most important aspects in the battle
World Pillars of Eternity vaguely reminiscent of his great saga device “Wheel of Time”. There is your Wheel of Life, where the souls of the dead come to make one revolution and reborn into a new life. Some, however, have the ability to remember his past incarnations. Such are called the Guardians. One of them is our hero. Recall that in the original script, we dealt with the “curse”, because of which the soul stopped being a natural cycle of reincarnation, causing children to be born just empty shells.
“Daylight White” added to this story of Arsenal Durgan – legendary forge gnomes in the northern lands. The first part of the supplement was quite a self-contained storyline – it has little effect on the main story, and generally looked strong and sustained minor tasks. Continuation of her, on the contrary, tries in scale events, if not surpass, or at least catch up with the original. The closer to the junction, the more we are bombarded with philosophical reflections and existential questions: the past – it is the foundation of the frame or not giving to reveal the potential of this?
After the final White March – Part 1, you must make a halt somewhere outside locations supplements, then it will continue the storyline. Arsenal is working again, and the village became Stalvart successfully thrive. While on the northern head of population fell off a new problem: an army of soldiers, calling themselves the “Iron Flails” threatens a mountain village, and around Dirvudu (the main area where the original events are taking place). Who, if not us, to deal with the risk of another global scale.
In some moments of the picture it is simply breathtaking, especially in the dynamics
The area added to the first part of the DLC, has undergone some changes: new characters and caves. Under Stalvartom, for example, opened the mine. All is good, if not terrible secret, to which the workers got to the bottom, in the literal sense of the word. In the vicinity of the settlement for the study became available to new attractions, such as icy lakes and hidden from the eyes of most people, the church. The latter is particularly memorable thanks to a stunning design. As always, the work of artists worthy of applause, in the White March – Part 2, perhaps the most memorable locations in the entire game.
Have developed a branch off a cliff Kregholdta of Part 1. That location, as we conquer only bleed the party with good gear and able leadership. That’s what makes the job all to show what you have learned for dozens of hours in the Pillars of Eternity. Supplement generally intended for advanced users, even without the optional increasing complexity. If you agree to the proposal to make the test even more severe, then each important battle will be a test of resistance.
Finally, Kaede Noir also can offer several innovations. For example, a mission in which you can send satellites now have a complete description of the plot, and offer more valuable rewards. But the most interesting, from an abandoned stronghold suddenly appears rightful owner, who wants to return to his property. That is how easy it will be to defend the castle, in which you have invested so much effort (if it is), depends on a series of decisions as in the original, and the first piece of DLC.
In this supplement, we are waiting for and the most large-scale battles in the entire game
There is no point once again to describe the mechanics of Pillars of Eternity, with it you can read in our review last year. We will focus on the changes that come with the latest patch for version 3.0. The first noticeable improvements Quick Access Toolbar. If earlier it was a dump, but now it clearly separated additional actions available from worn equipment, skills, “rechargeable” between battles and talents that are replenished only after the rest. Halts, by the way, is now not only restores life characters, but also give temporary bonuses. Choose they can be on their own, and the list of options depending on the number of points invested in “Survival”.
Feels finalized the AI opponents: they are now particularly eager rush in the first place on your mages. If we consider that among the enemies of frequent barbarians who can instantly jump to the wizards, we have to be very careful. Plan your attack on a large group of opponents and do not forget about the “active pause” – to survive in more or less serious clash can not be without it.
Of course, there is in addition, and a standard set of additives, new equipment, including the legendary, another partner, increased by two levels of ceiling and a pair of powerful abilities for each class. However, the main thing – is that the White March – Part 2 retained all the advantages of the original. Many times there will have to make difficult choices, especially in the final. Most of the orders has alternative ways of performing. For example, you can take the power of the fort and cut out all the soldiers, but it is possible to sneak one character quietly and peacefully settle the matter with the commander. Of course, if you have the appropriate skills prokachany. Moreover, this solution goes around comes around you afterwards.
Faceless golems – one of the strongest opponents, easily withstand the onslaught of a unit friendly ogre
The only thing you can complain – it was not worth sharing White March into two pieces. This one-piece story that we probably still will remember in a potential Pillars of Eternity 2. If possible, we recommend to pass both the DLC in one gulp.
Great expansion of the already wonderful classic RPG. It has everything for that loved the original, plus high complexity. It is hoped that Obsidian did not rest on its laurels and is already in full lint on a full-fledged sequel.

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