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A female pioneer of the genre of ‘stand-up gums’ created on the stage an image of an eccentric housewife with disheveled hair who never parted with her long mouthpiece and is constantly sarcastic about her fictional husband Fang. In fact, Diller never smoked, just deftly using specially made for her props. In general, the Phyllis is considered a woman who managed to open the doors to the comedians of the fair sex, who had previously been clearly underestimated.
Phyllis Ada Driver was born June 17, 1917 in the city of Lima, Ohio, USA. Daughter Perry Marcus Driver and Francis Ada Romshe studied at Lima Central High School, after which she spent three years at the Sherwood Chicago Musical Conservatory in Illinois. Then Phyllis went to Bluffon College in Ohio, where she met her classmate Hugh Downes.
Subsequently, a housewife, mother and advertising copywriter, Diller lived in Ypsilanti, Michigan during World War II, and her husband worked at the Willow bomber factory. In the mid-1950s, already the mother of five children, Phyllis first appeared on television, in the Jack Paar Show, and became a member of the Groucho Marx quiz ‘You Bet Your Life’.
Having made an excellent comedy career, Diller is also known as a serious pupil of playing the piano for many years. Her teachers told her that she could have achieved much better results than she had thought. In the mid-1950s, while living near the naval airbase in Alameda, California, Diller worked as a secretary on the KGO-TV station. A man called Willard Anderson led the “Belfast Pop Club” TV show with the young Don Sherwood. The two interviewed and parodies celebrities, and once Willard invited the ridiculous Phyllis to his program and helped her to start a comedic career at the legendary nightclub ‘The Purple Onion’ in San Francisco.
For 87 weeks in a row, the beginning comedian honed her skills, expanded her talent and felt successful. Slava Diller gained even more momentum after her filming in such films in the 1960s as ‘Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number!’, ‘Eight on the Lam’ and ‘Private Navy of Sergeant O’Farrell’. And although the box office of these three bands left much to be desired, Bob Hope invited the actress to perform with him and his company in Vietnam in 1966, in the midst of a military conflict.
Blossoming as a vivid representative of the ‘stand-up gum’, the Phillies did not abandon the acting profession and starred in many other films, usually low-budget, and also voiced the character of the iconic classic cartoon ‘Crazy Monster Party’. As for voice-over work, Diller took part in the work on the voice acting of the animated series “New Scooby-Doo Deeds,” “The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius,” “Griffins,” “Hey, Arnold!” And cartoons ‘The Adventures of Flick’, ‘The New Adventures of Snow White’ and ‘The Prince of the Nutcracker’.
At one time she posed for the magazine ‘Playboy’, but these photos never appeared on his pages. But in 1993, for his contribution to the culture of the United States, fell on the Walk of Fame St. Louis. In 2005, Phyllis co-starred in the documentary ‘Aristocrats’ about modern comedians, positioning herself as someone who avoids vulgar jokes. On September 24, 2007, at the ‘Night show with Jay Leno’, she appeared in the usual genre of humorous improvisation and agreed to return to the show for her birthday.
Phyllis wrote in her autobiography that she had used plastic surgeons 15 times since she was 55 years old. The health of the actress worsened every year, and in 1999 she experienced a heart attack. Now she continues to occasionally withdraw, most of the time devoting to painting, cooking and gardening.
On July 11, 2007, the USA Today newspaper reported that Diller had injured her back, so she could not appear on the ‘Night show with Jay Leno’ and celebrate her 90th birthday.

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