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Pharaoh Hound – a pleasure not cheap. Her puppies are several thousand dollars (the price sometimes comes Up to 5 000), but this does not stop those who, like the pharaohs, loves all the elegant, refined and best. Even in the photo Pharaoh Hound looks majestic and regal, these qualities in life and grace, loyalty to his master and a notable dog allowed her mind to take a worthy place in the world of dogs.
The story of Pharaoh’s dogs
Delve into the study of mythology, will be able to find the first mention of the dogs, which are now called the Pharaoh. Once upon a time in order to save the Earth civilization with the star Sirius, located in the constellation Canis Major, the earth set off a fiery nature. Over time, it took the form of a fiery dog and began to dwell with a man. This fiery red dog and became the progenitor of the breed Pharaoh Hound. The animal has long been considered a divine being, and therefore the attitude to it was special. Over time, all the representatives of the breed were exported to Malta, where today they are the pride of the country and called the local population Kiełb-Tal Fenech. Only in the mid-20th century, the dog gets from the Mediterranean to England. From that moment it start to familiarize Europeans.
Pharaoh Hound: Breed description and appearance
The favorite of the Egyptian pharaohs refers to a particularly rare group – primitive dogs. This means that its initial properties remain virtually unchanged to this day.
The main difference between Pharaoh Hound – its elegance and nobility. From each features a special blows aristocracy. Long, long body is always tightened by the majestic posture. Although the height at the withers leaves up to 65 cm, weight is never more than 25 kg.
Like no other breed of dogs is composed of fine Egyptian pharaohs athletically.
Sleek body always pulled and tense.
Lean physique adds to her grace.
The narrow, wedge-shaped head with an elongated muzzle radiate nobility and emphasize the dignity of the breed. Amber-colored eyes always look smart, but almost do not stand out against the background color of the coat.
Thick at the base of the tail becomes thin by the end of and has a slightly curved shape.
Color Breed Pharaoh Hound uniform reddish-rusty. This dilutes the color of fire and makes it even more expressive small white tail tip. White spots may be present on the fingers. Sometimes a small white mark on the chest there.
Character and habits of the dog of the Egyptian pharaohs
As every cop, animal has its own special character and is a main feature of his imperiousness. She read in everything from sight to a confident, easy gait steps next to the host.
Even with all the love for the owner, the dog of the Egyptian pharaohs believed themselves smarter than humans. Heard the command is clever animal never rush headlong to perform. She listened attentively disposal, appreciate its importance. If the dog is deemed incorrect command, it will refuse to perform. To breed perfectly obey the man, from childhood must be tackled with puppies, for them to be not only a friend, but also a leader.
Favorite pastime Pharaoh Hound is movement. It must necessarily realize this need. Any training in the country make it stronger, more beautiful, healthier. Do not mind this breed to participate in sports racing.
Pharaoh Hound – a real aristocrat. She has her little peculiarities in behavior. When tested shame in representatives of the breed beginning to blush eye rims, nose and even ears. In a way she expresses her joy. Surprisingly, the dog is able to laugh. At that moment she stretched her lips, nose slightly frowns. Why not flirt-girl who loves to smile restrained and noble.
Care Pharaoh adult dogs and puppies
Before you make a Pharaoh Hound member of your family, you need to think about whether there is an opportunity to take care of it with dignity and acceptable if the conditions for its living. The breed is very capricious. Living in a city apartment for her the same thing, then stay all his life in prison. She put up with such conditions, but the dream of freedom is constant. Pet does not like to walk on the carpets and the parquet floor, the smooth laminate. She needs to feel the ground beneath their feet. She wants to run and jump. Bring it to a country house, and she would be his decoration.
With a fiery red-haired beast farm, you need to know how to care for the Pharaoh Hound. Nothing special, it does not require, as she is a very neat and cleanly.
Care shiny smooth hair is very simple, as the dog neat and wool does not smell. It is enough to clean it a red fur coat moist mitten once a week. If walking baggage still smeared have to wash it. Use baby shampoo can be, which is added to water, and not applied to the hair.
Walking helpful Pharaoh Hound breed at any age. Small two-month puppy is not averse to recognize the world around her house. Must they must be on a leash, so they not only get used to the procedure, but will not run away in search of some discoveries. You can not keep off while walking the puppy to adult pharaohs. They can harm the joints of immature kid. Alley with a puppy – it is his familiarity with the world around. So he knows the environment, hear new sounds, get used to them. Already with 2.5 months puppy can be trained to the toilet on the street, which significantly simplifies the further care.
Pharaoh Hound in adulthood requires long walks. It is desirable every day to give her a chance to visit free up to 2 hours. Well, if you will walk in the morning, and lunch box. You can not forbid her to run, but also to produce in the open space is not without reason. She is ready to rush off somewhere in pursuit of prey, and the teams return it to the owner will be a difficult task. Most of all walks of adults pharaohs tire of the same type classes. They are willing to give up the execution of commands tedious and monotonous, but the game work well and do not get tired.
In winter, the walks should not be terminated. However, it is worth remembering that the Pharaoh Hound breed tends to freeze in the cold, since it has no fat layer, which protects from the cold. In the cold days it is necessary to put on a warm jacket or shorten the walk.
Relationships with others dogs Pharaoh
At Pharaoh’s dog its distinctive outlook on life. It is in its own estimates of everyone who approaches her. Man loves the dog, but it is wholly owned does not allow. She always goes well because it feels right. Staying alone in the house does not want to. She quickly becomes boring and it may bark or whine quietly waiting for households that do not always like the neighbors. Though loves noisy companies, but prefers to communicate with one host, isolating it from the rest of the family members. Sometimes it simply ignores the mistress, as if she is not well treated her.
In the house where there are children, Pharaoh danger dog is not, as the kids are not offended, and allows them to stay close to him. Its natural delicacy never let show aggression toward the little man and show him their displeasure.
With the dogs of the same breed majestic proud (other pharaohs) it can perfectly get along together and work in a flock. In early socialization does not touch the cats and birds for a walk.
To strangers with mistrust concerns, but will not bite them.

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