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Master epic movie
Peter Jackson became famous thanks to the film trilogy ‘the Lord of the rings’, and few people know that in one of his earlier films debuted the star of ‘Titanic’ Kate Winslet. Even before the stories about the adventures of Frodo and his friends Jackson was known in Cannes as a budding filmmaker. And on the other and could not be, because from childhood he wanted to make a movie. When he first saw ‘king Kong’, I promised myself that when I grow up, be sure to take this story. And so it happened: promise Jackson made, and all his dreams came true.
Childhood and adolescence
Peter Jackson born in New Zealand, in the town of Pukerua Bay, October 31, 1961. The father and mother of the Director was originally from England. As a child, Peter was fond of photography, so one of the friends of his parents gave him a camera.
This event was a turning point in the fate of Jackson. All the free time he spent with a camera Amateur movies. Great attention to the young filmmaker was devoted to special effects. Not having any money, Peter nevertheless has achieved amazing results. For example, the firing flash of the pistol he portrayed, piercing in the right place to film. Slowly but surely, Jackson moved on to the more serious experiments. In the competition of Amateur films, he participated with a short film, which showed like a huge monster was destroying the city.
First job
In 1983 Peter Jackson started filming the parody paintings ‘In poor taste’, telling about the attack of aliens. Peter not only directed the film but also played several roles, was a cameraman, a script writer and editor. This movie Jackson created for four years, and when she was ready, he realized that this is not an Amateur movie. One of my friends, Peter was able to ensure that the tape was shown at the Cannes film festival. To the surprise of all ‘In poor taste’ has received many accolades and was bought for distribution twelve countries.
Since the late 80-ies of Peter Jackson began working in collaboration with his wife Fran Walsh who was engaged in writing scripts, and then began working in the producers ‘ group. Together they are the owners of several companies involved in the organization and the technical side of filmmaking.
The first professional film by Peter Jackson is considered to be a Comedy horror ‘dead Alive’ (1992). This picture brought Jackson a huge number of genre awards, including the Grand Prix of the film festival fantastic film Avoriaz.
In 1994 he published psychological drama ‘Heavenly creature’, which debuted actress Kate Winslet, who played later in ‘Titanic’. Then Jackson took a picture of the mockumentary ‘Forgotten silver’ (1995) and the mystery Thriller ‘Scarecrow’ (1996), who did not have great success.
‘The Lord of the rings’
Trilogy ‘the Lord of the rings’ is not only the largest project of Peter Jackson, but also one of the most ambitious in the history of cinema. The idea of putting the picture on the novel by John Steinbeck. R. R. Tolkien came to the Director in 1995. He shared her with several film companies, and to release the film agreed ‘Miramax’. They bought the rights to the film adaptation of Saul Zanza and began preparations for the shooting.
Peter Jackson wanted to make two parts of the film, but the ‘Miramax’, which are experiencing financial difficulties, give money just for one movie.
The Director was categorical in its decision, so the cooperation with ‘Miramax’ had to stop. The project became interested in another company – ‘New Line Cinema’. The guide not only agreed to the demands of Jackson, but insisted on the release of the trilogy.
The movie, which took place in New Zealand, was allocated 270 million. The scale of the project impressed. The trilogy was filmed seven film crews in 150 different locations. Jackson tried to make the world of middle earth as realistic as possible. All the creatures of the fantasy world created biologically plausible (for example, the winged creature in the film is made with huge wings to be able to fly). For the filming of the picture was created 500 bows, 10 thousand arrows 48 thousand pieces of armor and 19 thousand of costumes!
In 2001 came the first part of ‘the fellowship of the ring’, in 2002 ‘the Two towers’ and in 2003 ‘the return of the king’. The film’s success exceeded all expectations. The trilogy grossed nearly 3 billion dollars and got a 17 ‘Oscars’ of the 30 nominations! The final part of ‘the return of the king’ won all 11 nominations, a record number for the American Academy (in the history of this success has only repeated the ‘Ben-Hur’ and ‘Titanic’).
Recent work and future plans
Inspired by the incredible success of the film ‘the Lord of the rings’, Peter Jackson started filming ‘king Kong’, to supply which he had dreamed since childhood. Even before filming, the company paid Jackson a fee of 20 million, to date, is a record of the amount of compensation paid to production. The film, which was a free remake of the famous film, 1933, was released in 2005. He has received several ‘technical’ ‘Oscars’ and has grossed $ 547 million.
In 2009, Peter Jackson filmed the bestseller by Alice Sebold ‘the Lovely bones’. The film, unlike the novel, the Director made more of a fantasy, which, combined with the theme of the murders resemble the early picture of Jackson’s ‘Heavenly creature’. The film had less success than the previous work of the Director and received mixed reviews.
In 2012, Peter Jackson announced the end of filming of another trilogy based on the novel by Tolkien’s ‘the Hobbit, or There and back again’. Two parts of the painting – ‘an Unexpected journey’ (2012) and ‘the Desolation of Smaug’ (2013) is already out on the big screen, and the premiere of the third ‘the Hobbit: There and back again’ – is scheduled for December 17, 2014.
In addition to directing, Peter Jackson is engaged in producing films, and cinema in addition to working to restore the aircraft during the First world war. He also collects a full copy of the aircraft. On any new major projects in the movie, the Director has not yet been declared, but there is no doubt that soon there will be another epic from Peter Jackson.

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