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Peggle 2 Exit I waited probably already immediately after he learned that she appeared on the Xbox One and soon gets up and PS4. I can not say that the wait was agonizing, because at hand has always been a number of projects that it brightened, but the appearance of the game in the digital store made my hands itch. I remembered how long it spent the first part of Peggle and wanted to get a worthy successor. The second part was somewhat different, but so that gave me a reason for disappointment wave that broke on my enjoyment of the gameplay.
Peggle – it’s such a strange mix of pinball and Arkanoid. Your goal – to clear the screen of orange cubes and circles. This is done with the ball, that your character shoots out of a cannon on top. At each level is given 10 lives, but the pleasure can be extended in several ways. For example, the bottom of the screen left and right skate pocket, if the ball gets there, you will not lose the number of attempts. Another way – to collect a single throw 25 000 points, that will bring you an extra life. After shooting a ball, you can not control his movements – he just rolls down, leaping from the level of detail with which the contact. Karman below also do not control, so getting it depends either on chance or on your skill.
At the level you will meet several types of balls that you need to knock out. Orange – is the key to the passage of the level when you destroy them all, you will begin vigorous zastavochku and the episode ends. The more of these details embossed with the level, the more points for the collision, you’ll get more. Blue – it’s the usual obstacles that add to your piggy bank a little bit of points. Violet – a factor that increases the number of points. Green – a unique special-ability wizard, of which there are five.
Peggle-masters from the first left nothing at all. You will be greeted only Bjorn the Unicorn, which again will teach you the basics of the game. His ability to remain the same – supertochnost that will help you gain a lot of points and get into the farthest corner of the level. And now it’s time to get acquainted with the newcomers of the series. That troll Jeffrey, who can throw huge balls, crumbling everything in its path. Next – it’s crazy yeti Berg, who knows how to freeze level. In this state, your ball will start to move around the obstacles, and they will destroy everything in its path. Following you will meet Gnorman robot inside which lives a strange creature. His special-ability the ability to electrify the ball, resulting in damage to the area. And finally, get to know a great guest from the underworld named Luna. In his dark form of her ball passes through the blue items as through the oil in the pursuit of the destruction of the orange.
Each character will have to overcome 10 levels, after which will also to 10 tests, as I will explain later. At each level is given three tasks that do not necessarily fulfill immediately, for starters, you can just pass the levels, moving towards the final game. Two of the three proposed tasks identical from one location to another: to destroy all objects on the level and beat the record of ace. The third task is different: to receive a single ball launch 50,000 points, not to use for the passage of Gnormana and all others. Completing quests will help you unlock new costumes for the characters, as well as to obtain a number of trophies, including gold.
Test mode will offer you some interesting tasks and puzzles. For example, you can throw the level of the campaign, which will be an increased number of yellow balls. On another level, you may be accustomed to only half lives, generally on the third one. There are also levels that require the use of special abilities of the character, for example, in order to make some stylish reception. Most of these tests will get the unicorn. Bjorn will have to make and long rebounds, and extreme driving on inclines and more. By the way, the use of such techniques during the passage of normal levels will throw you a lot of points. Test mode to measure complex and perhaps more interesting than the main campaign. In addition, he will teach you to better understand what they are capable represented characters.
There, by the way, in the game and multiplayer. There are two modes: duel and party. The first can converge up to 4 people. After selecting a character, each one is given the same level at which the 10 balls with the help you need to score as many points as possible. The course is given for 15 seconds after each round of fed interim scoring. If you have completed the course faster than the opponent, pressing the button will be able to see what he was so engaged. a level at which you need to dial the number of points higher than the opponent opponents will be given in two duel mode. The moves are made at a time. For the latest version of the game mode is available for a console.
Since the release of the original game took 7 years. Graphic and technical component of the new project is beautiful, unique characters and manage to silently demonstrate their character. Backs at every level is very picturesque … But, in my opinion, the desire to bring something new to the game developers are stuck project a small knife in the back. Among the new characters have to get used to again, in passing, I felt nostalgic for the old, whose abilities, in my view, have been much more interesting those with newcomers. In addition several injured himself level design. Because of him, the game does not want to sit for hours inventing spectacular combination, which will bring a lot of points. Levels reached unylenkimi, they want to go and forget. Surprisingly, the situation changes when you come back to the location, to perform several tasks. When the task in front of you is not the destruction of the orange balls, and to recruit the maximum number of points or the destruction of all the balls, then the game easier and more interesting. In addition, you will be able to come again to the level of any of the characters already open, that will accelerate the achievement of the goal.
The game has a pleasant musical score based on the number of processed products of the classics. A pleasant discovery for the developers found a light panel DualShock 4. The collision released from the ball guns obstacles laytbar painted in the color of the destroyed object. In one shot the ball collides with a dozen obstacles, and lightbar this happily winks. It looks festive. As for trophies, almost all of them you will receive for completing levels and tests, as well as the performance of tasks.

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