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The ripe pears more juice than the flesh, and therefore prepared from lih different beverages: juices, wines and compotes. Pear does not like the cold weather and therefore grows in the south of Russia, the Ukraine, the Crimea, Moldova, in the southern parts of Western Europe, Iran, Turkey and the Far East, in Kazakhstan, in Central Asia and the Tien Shan.
Pears like heat, but in the tropics on the Indochina Peninsula, Melaka is growing only one species: pear granular. Its out there called pear-ficus, because it is in appearance very similar to the ficus-udushitel, but does not destroy the tree, which grows.
Seeds that germinate pears on a tree branch. In germinated seedlings quickly develop long roots. First, they are twisted around the branches, and then on the trunk of a tree-reliance go down to the ground. These serpentine roots are up to 20 m. The fruit grain pear small, hard and dry.
Pear lives a long time – 100, 200 and even 300 years. This large trees, up to 30 m. The bulb is grown in gardens, it also grows on forest edges, clearings in deciduous forests. Good feeling on mountain stony slopes, since it is not demanding on the soil, tolerate drought and slight frosts.
summer pear varieties ripen in late August: Williams, Bessemyanka, Tonkovetka, Duchess year. In September, there are varieties of autumn: Autumn Bergamot, striker Bere, Forest beauty. Winter varieties: Bere Ardanpton, Cure – October and stored until the end of January.
Wood pears almost does not crack over time and, therefore, out of her make musical instruments and furniture. Covered with dark varnish, it replaces ebony.

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