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One of the most beautiful birds in nature may be called peacocks. Oddly enough, they are close relatives of normal chickens because chickens do not have such a gorgeous beauty and skilful feathers like a bird peacock. Description and photos confirm what this unique and very beautiful bird.
Peacocks belong to the pheasant family, detachment – Galliformes. These creatures are painted with a fan-shaped tail are also the largest members of his unit.
How does a peacock?
Certainly, each of us at least once in his life met with this wonderful bird, if not in nature, then at least in a zoo for sure.
The length peacock reaches 125 centimeters, and his wonderful tail of it is, on average, 120 – 150 centimeters. This peacocks weigh about 4.5 kilograms.
Of course, the most attractive to these birds is their plumage. Especially diverse body image in male peacocks-: neck head is painted in deep blue color, back part – golden with greenish tint and feathers bright orange wings. Well, just a real rainbow! Females have a leaner color pens often – dark brown.
At the head of the bird has an elegant crest, from it looks as if a bird who donned a crown with bells. The tail of the animal’s body is divided into the tail feathers and so-called nadhvostya. It is they think of others stop, because they give a chic, truly royal view of this bird. Each such “fan” decorated “eye” having a beautiful multi-colored pattern. What a beautiful peacocks!
Where are the peacocks?
Unfortunately, wild peacocks are found only within the boundaries of India and the island nation of Sri Lanka. In other countries, it is a miracle of nature can be seen in zoos and other man-made places for poultry.
What is the nature of peacocks, and how they behave in nature?
Scientists have noticed an interesting phenomenon in these birds before it starts to rain, they like to shout, and the sound they like rather than a bird chirping, and the sharp cry of a cat, which accidentally pinned the tail.
Wildly living peacocks choose to stay forest areas or bushes. Do these birds are not populated in the open or in very dense growing jungle.
What is the diet of peacocks?
The main food for these birds are the crops. In search of food for themselves peacocks can raid the fields sown with cereal plants, bringing thus the damage to agriculture. They deftly move between grass stems of plants and branches of shrubs, and this in spite of its long tail
Reproduction and breeding chicks
The breeding season lasts from peacocks from April to September. Very fascinating and colorful game looks marriage males. In order to attract the female, male, peacock opens its wonderful painted tail and goes well, showing itself in all its glory. But it is the female to show the “bridegroom”, that he interested her, the male immediately change the tactics of behavior. He turns and makes a fork, if he do not need anything from the female. This “confrontation” continues for a while until, finally, the couple did not converge for fertilization.
Generally male peacocks – very polygamous. They gain itself a “mini-harem”, which consists of three to five female individuals. Each female lays as a result of fertilization, from 4 to 10 eggs. After about a month, are born small fledglings, they are covered with a soft greyish fuzz. Though they hatch very tiny, but very quickly grow. Three years after the birth of the chicks become fully adult individuals, and already are themselves able to begin to reproduce.
Live peacocks about 20 years.
Natural enemies of peacocks
In the wild peacocks to hunt animals such as leopards. In addition, the peacocks are often victims of predatory birds and small terrestrial predators.
Why would a man a peacock?
Peacocks has long been considered a sign of affluence aristocrats and nobles. They were held in private gardens and parks. Their feathers adorned the clothing and interior design that is practiced today. Some people eat the meat of young peacocks in food, it is considered a delicacy.

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