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Birthday: 20.07.1978 year
Place of birth: Sverdlovsk, Russia
Nationality: Russia
For the first time in the history of the League’s highest-scoring players in the NHL lead with four representatives of Europe, among which two players from Russia — Ilya Kovalchuk and Pavel Datsyuk.
While in Russia, the ongoing hot disputes about the future fate of Nikolai Zherdev, the team’s prospects of Russia and the balance of forces in the super League, the national hockey League is experiencing its own little Apocalypse. For the first time in the history of the League’s highest-scoring players in the NHL lead with four representatives of Europe, among which two players from Russia — Ilya Kovalchuk and Pavel Datsyuk.
The national hockey League does not stop for a minute, national hockey League constantly discussing how to counter the declining average performance of the games. As the most reliable solutions overseas bright minds proposing to reduce the number of newcomers from Europe, explaining that weak physically Czechs, Swedes, Finns and Russians cannot overcome the barriers that they put growing year by year, legions of North American defenders breakers. Proponents of this idea is currently sitting at home trying to explain the inexplicable: as it turns out, Europeans also know how to break the strong defensive castles, and Russian hockey players do it with particular grace. Moreover, four of the leading snipers in the League just three hockey has not reached the age of majority, which in the NHL is considered the age of 27 years. The national hockey League is not asleep and revises own doctrines and tenets.
Now is the best time to put a couple of sharp arrows for the Russian pessimists from hockey that are on every corner screaming that Russian hockey is dead immediately after the beginning of 90-ies. If you believe them, then nursery schools is not working. Meanwhile, two of the brightest player in today’s NHL — Ilya Kovalchuk and Pavel Datsyuk — their basic knowledge of hockey was precisely in those years when ice hockey in Russia was the background. Moreover, it should be noted that both came from provincial hockey schools, who were then in a more unenviable position than Moscow.
With Kovalchuk all clear. Endowed by nature’s enormous powers, he brought them to life, playing in the Russian top League, 80, if not 50 percent. Now, he moved overseas, he came into the world, where his talent was appreciated — and the number of zeros on the payroll, and the number of airtime minutes on TV. Ilya got what you waited for many years of hard work in the children’s section of the hockey school of Tver, and opened as a Bud after the rain. Russia removes the hat, Russia applauds his hero.
Another thing — Pavel Datsyuk. I can safely say that this guy was not expecting millions fees and great articles in national Newspapers-he wanted to play.
Now to me belatedly come memories of a time three years ago when by chance I happened to be in Yaroslavl, match of the 1/4 finals of the playoffs of the championship of Russia between local “the Locomotive” and Kazan “AK Bars”. Returning late in the evening to the hotel, on the porch, I caught a few of its inhabitants, which is not so much the green-red colours of apparel, how about talking about the officiating tonight’s game could recognize players of “AK Bars”. Came — got to talking. After a couple of minutes it became clear that I speak with the captain of the team Vladimir Alminum and several of his associates. A little away stood an absurd young man, unshaven and with a thrust deep into the forehead of the sports cap type “cock”. From time to time, as if hesitating, swallowing the words he was throwing comments at the actual reason.
I peered into the darkness, trying to identify the second mate, and soon realized that it is very similar to the smart and skilled player of the match Pavel Datsyuk. Later, when the conversation ended, and this young man rose in the Elevator, and I, to verify his conjecture, uttered in response to his question, as it seemed from the stands of the “AK bars”: “All say that the best today was a trio of Datsyuk”. I can’t tell you how much my companion in a stupid hat received this information, but I have never in my life seen so much joy in his eyes.
I apologize for the digression, but it seemed to me that it is much better than painting all goals and assists by Pavel Datsyuk, draw his portrait. Today’s successes this guy is work, work, work. Pessimists incredulous smirk when they hear the comparison of Datsyuk, Fedorov. Pessimists can sleep peacefully.

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