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Birthday: November 16, 1974
Place of birth: Salford, UK
Nationality: United Kingdom
Original name: Paul Aaron Scholes

Childhood Scholes at one time even seriously thought about the career of the cricketer. But for ten seasons he has been defending the colors of the football of Manchester United, in his composition – the champion of England 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, the winner of the FA Cup (1996, 1999). Has won for “MU” 377 official matches, has scored 101 goals. Usually acts as number 18. All the trophies won by the Menckunians in recent years are equally the merit of Ryzhik, as well as Beckham, Van Nistelrooy, Kina or Solskyaer. In the end of the last season (2002/03) Scholes scored a total of six goals in the gate, “Newcastle”, “Blackburn” and “Tottenham”, which was decisive in the matter of the championship – to the finish left only two rounds.

July 8, 1991 Paul first tried on the form of “Manchester United” (signed a contract as an intern). The following year he became the owner of the Youth Cup of England, and in 1993 was recognized as the best young player of “MU” (in season 1992/93 he scored 32 goals in double). In the same year, in the England squad to 18 years, won the European Championships. The first his professional contract with “MU” signed on June 23 (January 29??) The same year.

Paul debuted on September 21, 1994 in the League Cup match against the “Port Vale”. The word to the debutant himself: “As for my first goal, I just grabbed the unsuccessful pass from their left edge.” Then, with an exceptionally good throw, the ball passed between the opponent’s defender’s legs, and at the same time the goalkeeper, the ball hit the bar and rolled into the goal. I remember the canopy of Simon Davis, my head and somebody’s head trying to stop me, but just tidying the ball in the corner.The next morning I was shocked when I saw my name on the front pages of the newspaper, in the headlines – “The heroic boy Scholes “and so on. I’m always hot l play for “MU”, but could not think of headlines and generally all the buzz. I still intend to just play football … ”

In a sense, Paul was lucky to have grown up in Manchester and eventually ended up in one of the best English clubs in the world today – as if he knew where to live! Combined style of “MU” was the most acceptable for the sharp red midfielder, in contrast to the already not generally accepted English style of the game, where tall, athletic players dominate, and the main fight is on the second floor. The team of Alex Ferguson in the early 1990s showed a keen interest in the European football school (the creative British heritage and not scattering). It is this (and also purely English igrotsky its features – assertiveness, speed, will, dedication) that allowed Scholes to gradually become one of the links in the coaching strategy …

Although nominally Paul Scholes is listed as an attacker, he himself prefers playing an attacking midfielder: “I like to be one step behind the attackers and direct them, but I love and finish the job!”. The opportunity to score Paul and really misses rarely. And he can score, with goals coming out of him – just a feast for the eyes! More and more balls flies into the net of opponents after his powerful long-range strikes on the move, which is incredibly popular with the public … In addition, Scholes has an amazing gift: when the game does not go forwards, he takes power over the position and scores. So it was in the quarterfinals of the Champions League-1999, when Skolzi buried Inter’s hopes on San Siro, so it was in the final game of the FA Cup, where Paul’s goal finally broke Newcastle. And, of course, do not forget that it was this guy who brought the England team to the final tournament of Euro 2000 … Moreover, as mentioned above, Scholes’s modesty can not but cause admiration. How does he manage to score when nothing is glued around? “In my opinion, it’s just an instinct, it all goes away by itself,” he explains, “The most beautiful goal?” “Yes, all my goals like me.” All balls are good if they turn out to be in a grid … Actually, it gives me great pleasure to see how happy the fans are, I guess I score for them – to the same extent as for myself and for the team. “

Gender and national team
After weaning from the team of Paul Gascoigne (by the way, the idol of the childhood years of our Ryzhik) the question of including Scholes in the list of 22 disappeared by itself. His debut in the England national team was held on May 24, 1997 in a friendly match with South Africa when he was replaced at the end of the game and spent 10 minutes on the field (however for Glen Hoddle this was enough to fully appreciate the talent of Skolzi). It is symbolic that this match was played on his native “Old Trafford” … The next game for the team, which he had already passed from whistle to whistle, arrived in June – in the framework of the “pre-tournament tournament” Tournois de France. The British then outplayed the Italians – 2: 0, Scholes scored the second goal … At this tournament, the representatives of the Foggy Albion scored a somewhat unexpected victory, and it was there, as part of the team, new players who firmly occupied later places in the team. “To be honest, I was shocked when I was invited to the national team,” recalls Paul, “and I did not even expect to be released on the field.” I thought simply that I would gain a little experience, maybe I’ll go out a couple of times to replace … I was a little nervous on the eve of the first match, but the coach told me to relax and just enjoy the game, that my career in the team does not depend on this match, so I just have to play as usual. It helped me a lot. belly, but next to David (Beckham), Gary and Phil (Nevils), this feeling quickly I go. I realized that rose to a new level! “.

Alex Ferguson did not fail to personally congratulate Ryzhik, after calling him to France after the match: “It was so nice,” the hero admitted, “but the boss told me not to ask!” I think that the trainer’s anxiety was superfluous – someone, Paul Scholes, obviously does not suffer from the star disease: “Father and father-in-law collect articles about me, I just look through the newspapers, and then I send them to the trash.” He prefers modestly to lower his eyes and just to score, but you can not hide the shameless, screaming talent, he is torn to freedom and blinded! Gorgeous technique, speed, excellent field vision, phenomenal sense of goal, will to win – these qualities stand out to Paul even in the stellar “MU”.

In the first match of the 1998 World Cup, he played well, scoring one of the most beautiful goals of the championship (leading to a far corner in the last minutes of the game with Tunisia) and, although later pushed into the shadows by Michael Owen, played a good match at the world championship, regularly appearing in the basis.

Paul continues to consistently speak for the team. How can you not remember his hat trick in the match against Poland, after which the young striker again went into the shadows! In another match with the same Poles, Paul could dramatically ease the life of his team, but the judge for some reason did not give a penalty for a clear violation against Scholes. Finally, his famous double in the first match with the team of Scotland, virtually removed the question of the winner in the series of playoffs. Here, Scholes himself played the first violin, and assisted him Sol Campbell and Beckham. In gratitude for the productive game, Kevin Kigen before the return match in London from all the collections made an exception only for Scholes, who was the only one of the entire team to go home on vacation. After the end of the play-off matches, he did not manage to avoid long and sincere conversations with representatives of the mass media.

A dark horse?! Red-haired and often coarse …
Perhaps that’s why until recently, Scholes managed to remain a dark horse of English football, known mostly only to specialists or lovers of statistics. But how many times he had to save his native club on away matches, and how often the goals of “MU” were the result of his precise verified transmissions ?! However, there is no one to blame: Paul Scholes because of his natural modesty himself created such an image.

Until recently, newspapers rarely wrote about him, he avoided interviews, and sought to limit communication with journalists to a minimum. And yet, before the camera, he does not look like a complete ignoramus. Even when dealing with such nasty topics as his warning and removal from the field, Scholes’ answers are direct, sincere and honest. The fact that he struggles to fight on the football field completely, sometimes breaking the rules in excitement and receiving warnings – well, with whom it does not happen! For his mistakes himself and pay … The real avalanche of criticism fell on Paul after his removal in the qualifying game Euro 2000 with Sweden – Skolzi kept silent or said that he was really rude, but not on purpose played against Hakan Mild (Paul became the first player of the national team England in history, which was removed from the field at Wembley). Or: in the return semifinal match against Juventus, Scholes in a game clash with Deschamps received a yellow card, which turned out to be his second in the tournament, and the most dramatic in the Champions League record was the final of Manchester United FC – Bavaria (1999) from the rostrum of the stadium ” Nou Camp “.

Finally, a foul in the game against “Fiorentina” also did not add points to his asset.

Explained the periodic “fits of rudeness” in Ryzhik fairly simple. Boytsovsky’s character of Paul is one of his main virtues, which, as often happens, often turns into a serious flaw – excessive temperament. The irrepressible passion for the game and the thirst for victory sometimes play with Ryzhik a cruel joke. In the excitement of the game, he forgets that there is an arbiter on the field, which does not at all cost the idea of ​​victory! However, Paul himself is the one who suffers most from this. One can only imagine what he felt when, after the great finale at the Nou Camp, he stood on the field, his head bowed, slightly apart from his comrades celebrating the victory … After all, it was his goal to “Inter” on the “San Siro” brought “MU” in the semifinals! How he wanted to put on pants and a T-shirt instead of a strict gray suit! True, Ryzhik’s comrades did not forget the role of Paul and another “outcast” – Roy Keane – in the conquest of the CEC. They were not simply invited to join the celebration – the players formed for Scholes and Keane something like an honorable escort on the way to the kissing of the trophy …

Scholes, who celebrated his 28th birthday, already knows almost everything on the football field: he can become the organizer of the goal, and may finish the attack. Brilliantly succeeded him and blows his head, especially if you consider his small by football standards growth. But for this he needs to add stability, because after a number of brilliant matches Scholes, in principle, can play and completely inexpressive. Therefore, the place of the team leader is not for him yet. However, no one doubts that today Paul is indisputable, one of the key players not only of “MU”, but also of the national team, one of the most notable football players in Albion. British sports (and not only) publications give the red-haired devil from “Manchester” a worthy place.

It has long been arguing about the chances of Scholes to become the undisputed leader of United. It seems that Paul himself does not aspire to this. He enjoys the game and is completely satisfied with his place in the team. The only thing that he does not like is communication with journalists. “If the press is waiting at the exit, I give David the opportunity to go first and give an interview, which he comes out quite naturally, I do not like it,” Skolzi confesses. “I prefer to slip quietly to my car and drive home” …

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