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What was the secret of success Mooney? Acting for Mooney was not just a career. He was obsessed with acting. The famous American playwright Arthur Miller (one of the men Marilyn Monroe) believed that Mooney was constantly “haunted horror of failure.”
1986. White House. US President Ronald Reagan was preparing for an important speech on Soviet-American relations. Reagan – a former actor and well-known fan of every kind of stories – would demonstrate the importance and impact of insightful speech of his close advisers. For a vivid illustration of the president used the true story of a famous actor, a single from Lviv, awarded the prestigious American Academy of Cinematography Oscar nomination “the best actor of the year.”
From the story of Reagan, then a young actor, known worldwide by the name of Paul Muni, playing in the play the role of an idealistic labor leader, organizer of the strike. According to the scenario, the final scene of the first act Mooney delivers a warm speech during a meeting with the owner of the plant, demanding a concession to workers. Again scenario, after hearing it, right before the curtain falls at the end of Act 1, the owner of the factory had vykryknuty firmly: “Nothing I will not give them!”. One evening as Mooney came into the image, this gave an inflammatory speech and sensitive about the exploitation of workers and the need to fix their position that the actor who played the owner of the plant at the end exclaimed enthusiastically: “I give it to them!”. During stormy applause the curtain fell. Stunned by the director and the actors behind the scenes rewritten as a play, to somehow restore conflict between workers and owners. The second act began after a long intermission.
Paul Mooney (his real name – Mooney Veyserfraund) was born into a Jewish family of actors in Lviv 1895.
When he was 7, the family immigrated to Chicago, USA. Mooney’s father knew the difficult craft of the actor firsthand, wanted his son to become a violinist. Mooney, however, always drawn to acting. One day he brought his violin to his father and said his decision to become an actor. Sorry dad broke through the knee violin. For several months the actor, who played in the old local Jewish theater, suddenly fell ill. Not finding a replacement, director of desperation agreed to use 11-year-old Mooney. “Only once,” – said the director. Mooney, stuck with makeup and beard, caused a sensation by playing old. Career Mooney started. For fifteen years, he became one of the brightest stars of Hollywood and Broadway.
Actor Paul Muny “The Godfather” Marlon Brando in performance at all considered the epitome of the strengths of American cinema. This famous Marlon Brando repeatedly claimed that Paul Mooney with its unique ability to literally disappear, dissolve in their characters using makeup, accent, costume and gestures, is his idol to follow, favorite actor. Another celebrity, Alfred Hitchcock, in his book of memoirs “Hitchcock on Hitchcock’s” Mooney named one of the best actors of men.
For today’s cinema fans Paul Mooney most memorable main role in “Man with scar» (Scarface), a film about the famous gangster Al Capone, 1932
The younger generation is certainly more knowledgeable remake of “The Man with scar” in 1983, with Al Pacino in the lead role. Al Pacino recalled how even 1978, he bought a ticket to a movie with Mooney. “I’ve been wanting to see it,” Pacino says, “but this movie completely impressed me. After viewing all what I wanted – a copy of Paul Muni. His acting natural limits passed in some completely different plane. It was almost abstract – what he could do. It was extremely inspiring. ”
Gourmets movie still argue that “The man with the scar” was the best. Paul Muni in 1932 or Al Pacino in 1983? Mooney was nominated for an Oscar for her role in “Man of the scar,” but he did win the award failed.
Wait triumph, however, did not have long. Muni continued acting, his fame grew. In 1932 Mooney starred in the title role in the criminal film “I – a fugitive convict,” for which was again nominated for an Oscar.
In 1935 came just four films with his participation – the film noir “The City on the verge of” criminal drama “Black Fury”, “Doctor Socrates” and the film biography of William Diterli “The Story of Louis Pasteur”, where Mooney played the role of the famous French microbiologist and chemist. This time, Mooney received the Oscar for Best Actor (also award Venice Film Festival).
Paul Muny. Oscar Vruchenye
Having played Louis Pasteur, Mooney became the first actor received the award “Oscar” for implementation on the silver screen real historical character.
After roles Pasteur, Mooney successfully played different historical characters: the writer Emile Zola (film won the Oscar Mooney and another nomination for Best Actor) and Mexican revolutionary Juarez. Overall Mooney had 5 nominations for the Oscar for Best Actor. In the mid-1930s Warner Brothers has named Mooney in the credits of films to as «Mr. Muni », which was and is a huge rarity in Hollywood. In 1937 Lviv citizens Mooney became the first (second conductor Arthur was Rodzinskyy), which appeared on the cover of Time.
What was the secret of success Mooney? Acting for Mooney was not just a career. He was obsessed with acting. The famous American playwright Arthur Miller (one of the men Marilyn Monroe) believed that Mooney was constantly “haunted horror of failure.” This is certainly a talented Mooney pushed to constant perfection. Before each role Mooney manic conducted research your character by reading biographies, articles, everything I could find about this person. This preparation for the role is not ended. Mooney could spend weeks in a real mine miner preparing for the role in “Black Rage” or Chinatown, Chinese preparing for the role in “good ground”. One of the directors recalled how Muni once complained that he did not understand their role. The director was surprised, because the role was discussed in great detail. “In fact – said Mooney – I understand the character, but I have no notion of his family ancestors.”
In 1935, at the height of his career, Mooney said: “I absolutely do not care about politics, depression, communism or capitalism. My work resembles a scientist who works on the discovery, not knowing whether to open it constructive or destructive. I just feel like acting. ” For 20 years since Paul expressed his credo: “You can play only reason. According to transform the game you want to achieve two things. First, full, unconditional and absolute concentration. Second, a strong physique. Only then can an actor get on stage and almost erased his own essence, himself and enter the character. ”
The efficiency of Mooney and his attention to detail was truly legendary. Getting off the stage, he is immersed in self-criticism performance that bordered of self-destruction. He repeated the role text for hours until it was satisfied. He could spend two weeks working out the details of the eyebrows. Another typical example: in 1926, when he was the first English-speaking role in the theater, Mooney, as always, torn by doubts about playing old. Gluing each stage hair beard and imposing different makeup, 31-year-old mother went to Mooney, a former actress, a few hours before the first show. There, using a high-pitched voice, he spent an hour talking to her mother, who still saw Muni every day. During this conversation, she did not recognize his son.
Mooney’s Day wedding in Beli Finkel – niece of the famous Russian literary critic Boris Tomaszewski – revealing. After the wedding, Mooney spent his young wife to the underground station, shook her hand and went to the matinee. During the next two weeks Mooney, fascinated by the theater, kept in touch with his wife calls. The honeymoon was postponed.
One of the latest stage roles on Broadway Mooney – the role of Henry Drummond in the play “The heir to the wind.”
In the middle of the season in 1955, doctors found that Mooney had cancer of the eye. He was forced to stop the season for emergency surgery removal of the eye. The play went on without him, and few expect to see Mooney on stage again. Two months after surgery before the next performance director came on stage and made a brief announcement: “We had a replacement actor. Role play Drummond Paul Muni. ” When Mooney stooped with an artificial eye appeared on stage, he was greeted by prolonged applause, during which the Mooney stood on the stage like a statue, with the tears that flowed from a single eye. When the room was quiet, Mooney went to work. At the end of season 1955 Mooney received the prestigious award “Tony” for best male acting on the theatrical stage.
In 1959, rolling out the latest movie involving Muni – Drama Daniel Mann’s “The Last Angry Man” – in the role in which he received another nomination for “Oscar” award. Then Mooney left the movie and died in 1967 at the age of seventy-two years.
1978 was filmed the movie “Paul Muni Story” is dedicated to the actor, born in the city. Mooney name was immortalized own star on Hollywood celebrities alley.

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