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Patrick Swayze was born on August 18, 1952 (Houston, Texas). His future was predetermined from birth, as the actor’s mother already at that time was well-known throughout the country, choreographer and owner of a private dance school. Ambition and self-confidence, Patrick Swayze has inherited from her mother. Since childhood, she had told him that he should be first in everything, no matter what will be engaged.
Ballet school “Harkness” and “Joffe” were successfully finished. And maybe Swayze and continued to engage in a professional ballet, if not for the injury, which he got on football. The young man switched on a movie. In 1979 he made his cinematic debut in the film “Skeytaun”. But the real success of the actor brought the “Dirty Dancing” and “Ghost”. In the last scene he shot with two stars – Whoopi Goldberg and Demi Moore. His film comes out in theaters almost every year. Roles Swayze battered a wide variety. Somewhere it was necessary to show the drama, but where’s the comic side of life. And with all this, he coped perfectly. Especially the actor did manage dangerous scenes. All the stunts in the films he acted in person. According to Swayze, the risk only purifies the soul of the actor. In 1991, the American People magazine named him the sexiest man of the year.
In March 2008, the press reported that Patrick Swayze is ill with pancreatic cancer. At the same time it emphasized that the actor feels good. However, rumors about the deteriorating state of the star is not extinguished. In June, the doctors said that thanks to the measures undertaken failed to stop tumor growth. From the very Swayze followed by a frank statement. He said it would be infinitely happy if he could live another five years. Unfortunately, expectations were not met. In the spring of 2009, doctors declared that Swayze appeared in liver metastases. September 14, 2009 did not become an actor.
Patrick Swayze was a fearless and at the same time remarkably thin man. Until his last days, he led the fight against the disease. Jennifer Grey, the Lady of the film “Dirty Dancing”, called him a “real cowboy with a tender heart.” So he will be remembered by many.

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