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Patrick Dewaere

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“Actor of the Future” called him once the patriarch of the French movie director Claude Otan-Lara.
Patrick Devaer one of the most popular actors of French cinema, born 26.1.1947, in Brittany, in northern France, in the small town of Saint-Brack in a large family of actors: the mother – a famous theater actress, his father – a tenor. The latter circumstance has played a decisive role in the fact that the young Patrick was on the theater stage. 1968 was perhaps the most significant in his life. Devaer acquainted with Gerard Depardieu, Miou-Miou, Coluche, young and at that time, just as he has almost no known theater actors. Young people base their own theater, called “Cafe de la Gare”. Here, they have to be at the same time the authors of plays, directors and performers of roles. “Sinebluzniki” as they are affectionately called Parisians forced to talk about himself in full golos.Ogromny success came to Patrick Devaeru when selected from the 50 candidates, he starred in the film by young director Bertrand Blier “Going Places”. In a duet with Gerard Depardieu they played, according Devaera, “two friends who do not want to vegetate in life, and want to take from it something, which, however, requires little to circumvent the law.” “We had to play two guys from the street – truthfully, without affectation and acting artificiality.” Well remember the Soviet audience for the films “Farewell to the police” by Pierre Granier-Defera-ra, “investigator nicknamed the” Sheriff “by Yves Boisset,” a header “by Jean-Jacques Annaud,” Thousand billion dollars “is also the film” F … like Fairbanks “-movie Maurice Dyugovsona we at the box called” He wanted to live “.Obraz Andre Fragmana created in this tape Devaerom, can rightly be called the best in his creative biography).” Actor of the future “called him once the patriarch of French cinema director Claude Autant-Lara. In his last film “Paradise for All” Alain Patrick Zhessyua Devaer played the role of an insurance agent, who once, in a moment of despair, he tried to commit suicide. The next job was to be the role of Marcel Cerdan in the film by Claude Lelouch, “Edith and Marcel” which is familiar to our viewers. In late July 1982, when preparations for the shooting of the film was in full swing, came the news of the tragic death of Patrick Devaera.

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