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Birthday: 08.04.1968 year
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Citizenship: United States
Height: 157 cm

For the sake of the new role of Patricia Arquette had to wear a wig to the pubic. Cover has been designed specifically for Arquette, who starred in the comedy “Human Nature.” Unusual wig sewn directly to the undergarment of the actress. 33-year-old Arquette played a scientific researcher, whose personal life suffers because of too much “hairy”.

Patricia Arquette was born in Chicago, Illinois, April 8, 1968, in a family where the actor’s profession was hereditary, like the family silver. Her grandfather played in vaudeville, grandfather – Cliff Arquette – amused America in the 50s. Father – Lewis Arquette – played in 22 television series and 56 films, of which the most famous “Scream 2”, “Tango and Cash”. Half of the films – horror films and detective stories, where the actor played the military, police and other reputable officials. Acting career elected Patricia brothers: Alexis ( “The Wedding Singer,” “Pulp Fiction”), Richmond ( “Seven,” “Fight Club”) and David ( “Cry-1-2-3”). And older sister Rosanna ( “Pulp Fiction,” “The Whole Nine Yards”) as a teenager ran away to Hollywood and made it to the cinema. Patricia has followed Rosanna – left home at age 15 and went to California to try himself as litsedeyki.
Initially she received roles in movies for teenagers, and sometimes – in the horror movies, such as the third part of the legendary “Nightmare on Elm Street” (1987). There Arquette plays a girl Kristen Parker, who, like other children, a terrible dream maniac Freddy Krueger with a disfigured face, a striped sweater and gloves with long blades. Dreams come true, Krueger – a reality. Kristen fights Kruger, effectively peel it and very loud squeals. Win Infanticide help her holy water and friends over the body of one of them crying bitterly Arquette, childish wry mouth.
In 1991, Patricia was offered at the same time two major roles. In the TV movie “Wild Flower”, she played half-deaf girl who two resourceful teens help to find a place in society and in the directorial debut of actor Sean Penn’s “The Indian Runner” Arquette reincarnated as nervous girlfriend veteran of the Vietnam War. Despite the apparent unsympathetic his character, the actress still managed to brighten up the gloomy tone of the film and the audience sympathy for the girl, who sees egocentric fellow, whom everyone considered a failure, a knight without fear and reproach.
Patricia takeoff career began work in the film Tony Scott on the script of Quentin Tarantino’s “True Love” (1993). Her heroine Alabama – aspiring call girl, falls in love with her the first customer, the same restless soul (Christian Slater). Trying to sell the stolen heroin, they fall into the epicenter of gang warfare … For the role of Alabama Arquette received the “MTV Movie Award” as the best actress of the year.
Cast Patricia potential fully manifested in David Lynch’s “Lost Highway” (1997), where she was the heroine of “splits”, taking the form of the helpless brunette Renee, the fatal blonde Alice. 1999 brought Patricia roles in two mystery thrillers: “Stigmata” Rupert Wainwright and “Bringing Out the Dead” by Martin Scorsese. In one she plays frivolous hairdresser, an atheist Frankie Paige, overcome the stigmata (wounds that appear commonly from religious fanatics and bleeding in those places where, because of Christ’s body sticking out Nine Inch Nails), in the other – poor New York junkie Mary Burke, which in hospital dying old father.
In November 2000, on the screens out comedy breathtakingly stupid “Nikki, the devil Jr.” where Patricia appears as a freak-student, lover of Adam Sandler, defective son of Satan. Then follows the erotic melodrama “In a noisy room”, the debut dokumentalistki Barbara Kopple, hoisted a miniature actress for striptizersky pole.
For 2002, the planned release of the film “Behind the Sun”, where the heroine Patricia steamed with character Billy Bob Thornton investigates the murder of her husband transsexual.
With regard to the personal life of the actress, then in 1987, she met her future husband – a superstar Nicolas Cage (nephew of famed filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola). But they were married only eight years later, in 1995. Patricia has a twelve-year son of Enzo Italian musician Paolo Rossi. Cage also have a son Weston from his marriage with actress Kristina Fulton. Common children have no spouses.
The marriage did not last long. May 18, 2001, Patricia Arquette and Nicolas Cage has officially denounced their marriage. Now Nicholas, freed from the bonds of family, enjoying life with his new passion by Lisa Marie Presley.
And that’s what Patricia told in one of his interviews.
– Your character in “Stigmata” atheist. And you?
– I am very religious. I always turn to God, for I have a relationship with God is much more important than with whom everything else out of people. And I feel loved and award them. Hence the phrase “I do not believe in God”, which I say in the film, was given to me hard. Although, of course, in my life there were moments when I doubted its existence or validity.
– You were not afraid to offend God’s role in the movie, where God makes your character to suffer so much?
– Yes, at first I did not want to appear in “Stigmata” for this reason. But usually stigmatic – a very religious people, these signs on their bodies appear as a result of the love of God. As a child I wanted badly to me appeared the stigmata. Perhaps that is why I agreed to do it.
– To what faith you have raised?
– I went to a Catholic school. My mother was Jewish, and his father – a Muslim.
– Did you talk to your son about religion?
– Constantly, but I try not to go too far, so he did not think that faith – it is a heavy responsibility. I sometimes say: “Let us thank the Lord for this food,” or “Thank God for what happened to us today,” – but not so often that he was tired of hearing it.
– And do you watch scary movies? How do you feel about it?
– Horror movies I love – recently watched several films Dario Argento, they are stunningly beautiful.
– Who removed a lot of teenage horror. What do you think about it? Do you show the “stigmata,” his son?
– No, because he was twelve years old, and the movie is forbidden to see people under the age of seventeen. I am sure that children under the age of fifteen or sixteen in general can not show horror movies. This, of course, solve the parents, but I would not.
– And what are you afraid of now?
– I’m constantly afraid that start any war. I was horrified the ability of people to kill each other.
– All your brothers and sister Rosanna also actors. Which of them taught you to cope with the difficult “star of life”?
– My father was an actor, and for me, “Hollywood” life was not attractive. The father then had a job, it was not, and this depended on how well we live. Nicholas, when I married him, just became a superstar. The first couple of years was absolutely intolerable – very strange people behave when they see in front of you is not the ordinary people and stars …
– Now, when you earn a lot if you have less to think about money?
– The more money you earn, the more you spend.

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