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Paramore is an American rock band pop-panculturalism rock, formed in Franklin, Tennessee, USA, in 2004. It consists of Hayley Williams – vocals Taylor York – rhythm guitar Jeremy Davis – bass guitar. The band released their debut album “All We Know Is Falling” in 2005. The second album “RIOT!” was released in 2007 and later became certified platinum in the US and in the UK and Ireland — gold. The third album “Brand New Eyes” was released on 29 September 2009, topped the charts in many countries, including Australia and the UK, and is considered the most currently successful in the history of the group.
The band formed in 2004 consisting of: Hayley Williams – lead vocals, guitarist Josh Farro, bassist Jeremy Davis, drummer Zac Farro, later joined by neighbor Haley, Jason Bynum – rhythm guitar. You guys seen the music completely different, but worth it just to come together, and something like snapped. The confident and cheerful music found on their album “All We Know Is Falling” is such a rare and natural chemistry that it is easily addictive and ignoring it becomes impossible.
Thanks to this chemistry Paramore stay together and stand out among other teams. The young band was formed in Franklin, Tennessee, after being moved there and Hayley met two brothers, Josh and Zac Farro. The trio found a bass guitarist Jeremy Davis and almost immediately began performing. Called Paramore, they played at parties and school talent show, lit on the streets of Franklin.
The combination of musical energy brothers and the incredible charisma Hayley helped them to quickly draw attention, in particular Florida label Fueled by Ramen, who registered the group and insisted that they started to record their debut album. Paramore came into the recording Studio to the producers James Vishera (Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever, Underoath) and Mike green (eng. Mike Green) (Yellowcard, The Black Maria) and impressed them with his sincerity and enthusiasm.
When you are finished recording, the band went on tour, impressing people with his passionate positivity. Josh says: “It is just amazing how our group has changed since last spring. Almost the entire year we spent while on tour with different bands from Simple Plan and Story of the Year-to Acceptance and My American Heart. Each tour that we were incredible, and it is absolute luck that we had the opportunity to play with such wonderful and talented teams.”
It was only a matter of time before guys will be able to attract the attention of critics and the press. called Williams a “bundle of energy”, Alternative Press said that their songs are “melodically rich” and called Paramore band of the year 2006, the New York Times said that “All We Know Is Falling” is one of the best albums of the year, and MTV was impressed so much that he selected them for their “You hear it first.”
In 2007-m to year, at the time of the recording of the album RIOT!, the group left the guitarist Hunter Lamb. For the position of rhythm guitar Taylor York came. Thus, formed part of the five participants. This friendly company Paramore has traveled around the world for another 3 years.
Paramore describe their music with three words: energetic, emotional, exciting. Their live performances are accompanied by explosive energy and relentless drive – and all in order to be sure that everyone is having a great time as the team itself. Everyone in the band is talented beyond their years: the intricate guitar riffs of Josh, kinetic rhythms Zack and strong bass Jeremy create the ideal Foundation for catchy soul music and pure, heartfelt vocals Haley. Williams worked hard, putting in the lyrics, the emotion and the pieces of his life, telling about how she grew up, about the passionate love of dear to her people and music. All participants Paramore – real friends who love to play together and they have fun doing it. They have one common goal – to communicate with people, and their enthusiasm is contagious.
“I think this year will pass very quickly. We have a wonderful opportunity to travel to different countries: UK, Japan… We try not to take this for granted,” says Hayley. – “There are so many more things, which we with a group I’d love to try, so we’re going to be late, to do it all.”
20.12.2010 announced his departure from the group of the Farro brothers (Josh Farro and Zac Farro). In the group knew about this 2 months ago. The motive of the care declared the fatigue of musicians. However, in his blog, the Farro brothers posted a post in which I explain the true reasons for his departure from Paramore, which was largely due to Hayley Williams.
The new project of the brothers is called Novel American.
By the beginning of 2011 year, the group Paramore has already found musicians to participate in the tour. New solo guitarist Paramore was the brother of rhythm guitarist this command, Taylor York, Justin York, but in the role of drummer Josh Freese will perform that is a party to A Perfect Circle. In the same year Paramore released Monster of a song, and then the clip on it, and Renegade.
In 2011 the band recorded the EP “Singles”, gave a series of concerts in South America and a world tour.
21 Mar 2012 the band began work on their new fourth Studio album and finished recording the 1st of November. The recording is titled “Paramore” is scheduled for 9 April 2013. Before the release of fourth album, the band released the single “now”.

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