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Five teenagers are sent to a desert island to spend the night drinking and nonsense. With anyone not familiar Jonas feels odd, infantile Ren cherishes the hope to tie relationship with Nona prude, but the redhead’s Clarissa, like a powder keg, ready to break out from the presence of Alex: once one tragic event erected a wall between them.
Everything changes when Alex and Jonas found in the caves of the mysterious anomaly, responsive to the radio. Tune to the desired frequency, they are faced with something otherworldly and sinister.
Oxenfree won my very first trailer. Disarming directness of its characters, charming atmosphere of the mysterious island, a fascinating encounter with the supernatural – Oxenfree become for me one of the most anticipated games of 2016.
And its the first half of a match for the complication. After the incident in the cave heroes are scattered around the island, and in the role of Alex, we’re trying to understand what is happening. What was she faced? Where has brought her friends? Everything there is well with them? Alex soon meets with Jonas, and they go together to wander around in search of mates and the responses island.
Irony and self-irony Oxenfree not take heroes.
Jonas and Alex – the summary brother and sister have just met for the first time. During his clouded paranormal journey, they meet each other, share intimate, closer together – unless of course, wants a player who chooses Alex over all of its replicas.
The dialogues lies Oxenfree force – they are written and played so vividly, so it is natural that a sense of what real teens, not lost to us.
Words-parasites, inconsistent speech, awkward pause, constant antics – just like in real life.
Bright and got first exposure to locations. Abandoned military base and not converted into a museum, rocky trails, lonely cabin in the woods, camping place, abandoned as if a moment ago – they are all shrouded in an aura of mystery, as if to hide some untold story.
Oxenfree masterfully manages to intrigue, to make feel the situation in which turned out to be heroes. Immersed in the atmosphere of the game and contribute to the radio – the same, because of which Alex and her friends run into this mess. Here is the key thing that can affect all kinds of anomalies and even open locks: it is enough to find the right frequency. Or you can just listen to the radio broadcast, in which the echo of modern tunes interspersed with echoes of the past and transmission of something otherworldly and really creepy.
Although the characters and are designed as low-poly meshes unpretentious, it is not evident due to always keep at a distance the camera.
Studio Night School Games is based came from Telltale, and it shows. Oxenfree quite linear, and, in fact, the only thing it has to deal with – is to go and choose the replica.
Interactive Oxenfree system reminiscent of The Walking Dead: three answer choices and the opportunity to remain silent. Chatter will continue without the participation of Alex – indeed, is great chance that she chose a replica of someone interrupt (in contrast to TWD characters, it does not wait for the end of a strange phrases and starts talking at once, as soon as you click on the desired option).
Almost all the time Alex spent with Jonas, and other characters, alas, almost never disclosed.
In elections have consequences, albeit Oxenfree, unlike Telltale works about it and does not look like. Thus, it is possible to quarrel with all (for this achievement even give) or, on the contrary, all the help and all become friends. The latter option is chosen by more than two-thirds of the players, and it makes the game honor. What is the point of non-linearity, if the vast majority chooses the same thing?
Oxenfree too lacks ambiguity. The dilemma, which amounts to “be a villain or not,” – it’s like no dilemma. But the game from Telltale remembered is not an easy decision!
Most offensive of all, that Oxenfree, seems to understand itself, to aspire to. She was good at intimate conversations, but the corner stone of the plot and the main intrigue lie not in them, and devilry faced heroes. But her explanation is predictable, and the denouement of the conflict – trivial and insufficiently dramatic. But, more importantly, the entire line does not give the characters, it does not show them in a new way.
Sometimes Oxenfree looks like the real horror film, but low and lack of interactivity effects reduce the effect of such sites to naught.
Could not this side Oxenfree and unleash your potential as the horror (and the potential is there – visual and audio effects here are stunning). Perhaps most tellingly here – Alex reaction: by the middle of the game, is it clear that once that something was wrong, she shrugs and sighs sadly, “God, another anomaly, when will it end.” What was striking, surprising and cause goose bumps, turns into a routine, devoid of any meaning.
With the help of supernatural forces, however, it can affect the ending more than a simple provision or, on the contrary, damage relations with his comrades. And one of the possible changes allows literally to rewrite the past, canceling the event, which the lion’s share Oxenfree owes its irony.
From this can only shrug. What for? What is the meaning of the game about the difficulties of life after the loss of a loved one, about the offense, about the bitterness of loss, about the difficulty of building new relationships, about guilt and regret unspoken, if this game allows you to undo the cause of all these problems?
Oxenfree, which began so promisingly, ends on a minor note. In the second half the game opened optional notes, slightly shed light on the origins of the local supernatural forces. These notes are scattered throughout the island, and the game was a hint that it’s time to collect them – only here to talk to the heroes have nothing, and the search for pieces of history turn into a sad wandering the empty locations under deathly silence.
However, if they do not collect the note, still have to re-return to the familiar (and no longer seem surprising) locations. The story at this time more and more away from personal questions heroes in fiction side, which in the best case, gives nothing of history, and at worst – puts an end to its most expressive moments.

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