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Overwatch : Winston

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Real name: Winston, Age: 29 years
Occupation: Scientist, adventurer
Operational base: in the past – a lunar colony “Horizon”
Affiliation in the past – Overwatch
“The basis of all discoveries is the imagination.”
Winston, supramental genetically modified gorilla – a brilliant scholar and a great humanist.
Moon Colony “Horizon” was the first step on the path of humanity to the next stage of space exploration. Some of its inhabitants were genetically modified gorilla, which conducted experiments to identify the effects of a long stay in space.
In the course of gene therapy in one of the gorillas has come to light as the rapid growth of the brain tissue, it took custody of Dr. Harold Winston. He taught his ward sciences and talked about the ingenuity of the human race. Young gorilla spends his days helping the doctor in scientific experiments, looking at the blue planet, extending outside her home, dreaming about the endless possibilities that await her there.
But everything fell on its head when the rest of the Gorilla mutinied, killed all the scientists of the mission and seized the colony. Our hero took the name of his guardian, built from scrap materials missile and flew back to Earth. There Winston took refuge among members of the organization «Overwatch», which became for him a living embodiment of the ideals of humanity, whom he so admired. Finally, he could live as conscience told him.
With the dissolution of the organization, Winston, again cut off from their ideal world, went into the shadows, dreaming of the return of the heroic days.

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