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Overwatch : Widowmaker

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Real name: Amélie Lacroix Age: 33 year
Occupation: killer
Operational base: Annecy (France)
Accessory: Claw
“One shot one kill”.
Widowmaker – perfect assassin: patient, ruthless and efficient, it does not show any emotion or remorse.
It is believed that in a past life Widowmaker was the wife of Gerard Lacroix, Overwatch agent organization, plan operations aimed at suppressing the activity of a terrorist organization “Claw”. After several failed attempts to remove Gerard “Claw” has decided to change tactics and focused on his wife, Amelie. Agents “Claw” kidnapped her and subjected to cram neural modification. Procedures broke her will and suppressed personality; the woman turned into a “sleeper” agent. Some time later, Overwatch officers rescued Amelie, seemingly intact, and she went back to normal life.
Two weeks later, she killed Gerard while he slept.
As Amelie mission was accomplished, she returned to the “Claw”, where the process of its transformation into a living weapon ended. She received comprehensive training in the art of camouflage, and its physiology has been altered. Heart rate slowed down so that the skin of the former Madame Lacroix has become cold and pale, and the ability to experience emotions is almost gone. Amelie, which everyone remembers died.
Currently Widowmaker is the most effective killer “Claw”, and only successfully done work brings her satisfaction.

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