Overwatch : Reinhardt Desktop wallpaper

Overwatch : Reinhardt

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Real Name: William Reinhardt, Age: 61 year
Occupation: adventurer
Operational base: Stuttgart (Germany)
Affiliation in the past – Overwatch
“Justice is done”.
Wilhelm Reinhardt – a knight from a bygone era, who lives according to the code of honor, justice and courage.
Founded thirty years ago was called Overwatch resist insurgency robots worldwide. Reinhardt, the celebrated German soldier was a member of its first strike team, ending the Rise of the Machines. At the end of the war Overwatch turned into an international organization to maintain peace in this war-mangled earth, and Reinhardt has established itself as one of its most ardent defenders.
Unmatched honesty and tremendous charisma Reinhardt easily bowed to his people, whether ordinary soldiers or senior officials. He openly expressed his opinion than earned a reputation as the most zealous advocate of Overwatch, but if necessary and was his toughest critic. Thanks to him, no one forgot that Overwatch force should be on the good side.
Reinhardt was well over fifty when he was sent to the imminent retirement superannuation. Removal from active combat operations, he fell into despair; It seemed to be of service and days of glory came to an end. Times have changed; Overwatch was suspected of corruption and sedition, and Reinhardt could only watch as the trampling case protection which he devoted his entire life.
Eventually Overwatch collapsed, but Reinhardt was not going to sit idly by while the world around him falls into chaos. Once again donning the armor of “Crusader” class, it is like an ancient knight, sworn to carry justice throughout Europe, to protect the innocent and give hope of a bright future in the hearts and minds of people.

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