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Real name: Angela Ziegler, Age: 37 years
Occupation: Field doctor Rapid Response Specialist
Operational base: Zurich (Switzerland)
Affiliation in the past – Overwatch
“Heroes do not die.”
Patients are referred to doctors Ziegler guardian angel. This is a talented doctor, a brilliant scientist and hot intercessor world peace.
Angela Ziegler from an ordinary physician became head of the surgery department at one of the leading hospitals of Zurich. In addition, she led innovative research in the field of applied nanosurgery, which allowed to make a breakthrough in the treatment of life-threatening injuries and illnesses. This is what she has attracted the attention of Overwatch.
The war left an orphan to the angel, and because it repelled militaristic approach to the preservation of world peace. But eventually she realized that working in Overwatch will allow it to save a lot more lives, and took the position of head of the department of medical developments. Angela tried to find a way to treat soldiers on the frontline, in situations where it is necessary to act quickly. The result of her research was the costume rapid response “Valkyrie” to try out personally by Dr. Ziegler in numerous missions.
Despite its contribution to the common cause, Angela often did not agree with the management policy and strategy Overwatch. When an organization is disbanded, Dr. Ziegler is entirely devoted to helping the victims of war.
Although almost all the time Angela spends caring for the victims in the outbreak of the war, she did not hesitate to put on my suit to protect against the danger of innocent people.

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