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Overwatch : Mei

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Real name: Mei Ling Zhou, Age: 31
Occupation: climatologist, adventurer
Operational base: Xian, China (formerly)
Affiliation in the past – Overwatch
“In this world worth fighting for!”
Mei – a real scientist, and she decided to take the case for environmental salvation in their hands the environment.
While many wrote off environmental problems and changes in the earth’s climate to the emergence of new technologies, the rapid growth in the number of robots and the increase in mining, the true causes remain a mystery. Hoping to lift the veil of mystery, representatives Overwatch established observation posts at key locations around the globe.
Mei-Ling Zhou is among those the realization of this long-term project was blamed on whose shoulders. Being a world-class climatologist, it has developed a number of technologies to control the climate and to protect against the risk of some areas in Asia (and not only), are at risk. Mei just worked at an observation post in the Antarctic, where there was a terrible accident: a sudden monstrous polar storm cut off base from the outside world and has damaged life support system. Scientists were abandoned to their fate. When their supplies were exhausted, they decided to put himself into a state of cryogenic freezing as long as someone does not come to their rescue.
But help never came. Cryogenic chamber with members of the expedition discovered until many years later. The Mei, all the time is frozen in, it was the only survivor. The world in which she found herself, was very different from the one she remembered: Overwatch disbanded, climate issues have become more acute, and observation posts, followed the state of the environment, was closed. All the data the team had lost.
Mei decided to continue the work alone. Armed with a portable device that allows to control the weather, she went to roam the world in the hope to restore the network of environmental observation posts and to identify the causes that lead to disturbances in the ecosystem of the planet.

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