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Overwatch : Junkrat

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Real name: Jamieson Fox Age: 25 years
Occupation: anarchist, a thief, a bomber, a mercenary, a marauder
Operational base: in the past – Dzhankertaun, Australia
Affiliation in the past – Vultures
“What a day! It’s time to make a mess! ”
Junkrat – obsessed crazy explosions. All that he needs – to wreak havoc and destruction.
The attack on the Australian Omnia fusion reactor, which entailed destroying it forever changed the face of Outback. After the explosion, he turned into a harsh, mostly uninhabitable radioactive wasteland, dotted with rubble and mangled ruins.
But some people have managed to survive. The so-called Vultures made their way to the ruins of the Omnia and founded a new company, which was dominated by deceit and lawlessness. Junkrat was one of those people. He earned a living by selling metal debris, parts and appliances, which are in ruins. Like many others, he did not escape the constant exposure to residual radiation, because of which subsequently went mad. This is madness gave him a new passion, gradually grew into a real obsession – explosions.
About Junkrat talking when he discovered in the heart of the Omnia is something incredibly precious and mysterious. The fact that he found almost no one knew, but Junkrat immediately began to pursue the bounty hunters, thugs and adventurers of all stripes. All this went on until he made a deal with one of the Vultures named Turbosvin who agreed to be his personal bodyguard in exchange for a share of the spoils.
Together they left the Outback and went on a world tour, criminal, wreaking havoc and destruction everywhere.

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