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Overwatch : Genji

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Real Name: Genji Shimada, Age: 35
Occupation: adventurer
Operational base: the Monastery of Shambhala, Nepal
Affiliation in the past – the clan Shimada, Overwatch
“You can renounce your body. But the honor – never. ”
Cyborg Genji Shimada resigned to its mechanical body that previously caused him only disgust, thus opening a new side of his character better.
As the youngest son of the head of the clan ninja Shimada, Genji lived in luxury and accustomed to a privileged position. He showed no interest in the criminal aspects of the clan. Although he liked to learn the skill of the ninja – in which he is very successful, Genji preferred the fast life, the build of a young playboy. Many members of the clan believed that his carefree lifestyle, does not bode well, and can turn into a disaster, because they resented the excessive attention and care that Genji’s father showed to his son. After the sudden death of the head of the clan elder brother of Genji Handzo she demanded that he take more interest in the fate of the criminal empire of their father. Genji refused than incurred the wrath Handzo. Passions reached such a pitch that the brothers threw themselves at each other with weapons. This fight is just not worth the life of Genji.
Handzo thought that he had killed his brother, but because of the actions Overwatch and intervention Dr. Angela Ziegler Genji was saved. World security service in the Genji saw a potential ally in the fight against clan Shimada. He died of his wounds, but the organization Overwatch offered him salvation in exchange for service. Many agencies have Genji replaced with cybernetic implants. This made Genji even faster and improved his ninja skills. Turned into a living weapon, Genji threw all their energies to the destruction of a criminal empire that belonged to his family.
But over time, the cyborg began to torment the internal contradictions. Mechanical implants caused aversion in him, and he could not accept the fact that it has turned into. After completing its mission, he left Overwatch and went to travel the world, hoping to understand the meaning of their existence. He wandered for many years, until he finally met with the robot-monk named Dzenyatta. Initially rejected Genji Dzenyatty wisdom, but the robot still continued to admonish him. Over time, this became a teacher Dzenyatta Genji. By listening to the wise words of the monk, Genji reconciled with its dual position of human-machine. He realized that in his cyborg body continues to live the human soul, and realized that his new form – a gift of fate, making it stronger.
For the first time in his life Genji found freedom. Even he does not know where it can lead the way.

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