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Overwatch : Bastion

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Real name: fighting machine E54 «Bastion» production SST Laboratories, Age: 30 years
Occupation: fighting machine
Operational base: unknown
Affiliation: None
Destructive Rise of the Machines behind, and his veteran, curious and fascinated by the nature of the robot’s Bastion, explore the world, not forgetting to get round people who are still full of fear of the machines.
Products “Bastion” class was originally created for the purposes of peace, and have the unique ability to quickly change the mode of the assault on the siege and back. During the uprising of machines these robots turned against the people and formed the core of the rebel army, but at the end of the conflict almost all of them were destroyed or dismantled. Machinery “Bastion” to this day represent the horrors of war.
One of these robots seriously damaged during the recent battles have been lost on more than a decade. He rusted, immobile and open to the elements, and nature is slowly absorbed him. Entwined vines entwined roots and serving a haven for small critters, he lost track of time. But one fateful day, he woke up. From the Battle of the program was gone, and its place was taken by an interest in wildlife and everything that inhabits it. Curious siege mechanism went traveling, hoping to find their place in this war-torn planet.
Although Bastion seems pretty harmless and sometimes even, at the first sign of danger activated its military program that uses the entire arsenal of the robot to destroy the potential threat. It repeatedly led to conflicts with the meetings with the people, and therefore prefers Bastion unexplored corners of the earth, avoiding populated areas.

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