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Ornella Muti: Biography
Ornella Muti is an Italian actress. Received fame through participation in the films “The Last Woman” and “The Taming of the Shrew”.

Ornella Muti (real name – Francesca Romana Rivelli) was born in early March 1955 in Rome. The father of the future celebrity was a correspondent, and my mother worked as a sculptor. The girl did not grow up in the family alone – she has a twin sister named Claudia. The star of Italian cinema has Russian roots: at one time, the maternal grandparents moved from Leningrad to Estonia, and then to Italy.

When Francesca was 10 years old, his father died. The mother was left alone with her daughters, the family could make ends meet. Meanwhile, by the age of 13, the future movie star turned into an attractive girl and looked much older than her years – it was during this period that, secretly from her mother, Francesca Romana Rivelli began to pose nude in an art school. At the same time, the young beauty worked on the shooting for men’s magazines. Savory pictures were seen not only by connoisseurs of female beauty, but also by teachers and mother. The scandal almost ended with the exception of the girl from school – the plight of the Rivelli family was taken into account, they decided to forget about the unpleasant situation.

After a while, the older sister Claudia, who seriously dreamed of becoming a film actress, gathered for the selection of actors for the film “The Most Beautiful Wife,” directed by Damiano Damiani. For courage, the girl took her sister to the casting. Claudia herself did not pass the test, but the director, who was indifferent to the world of cinema, persuaded Francesca to star in the title role. It was Damiani who invented the novice actress, the pseudonym of Ornella Muti. This is a forced step, since at that time in Italian cinema there was already a celebrity by the name of Rivell.

Ornella Muti made her film debut at the age of 14 in the film The Most Beautiful Wife (1970). The first role did not make a star out of a girl, but marked the beginning of an acting career. Since then, Ornella has received offers to participate in various film projects. The actress was filmed mainly in low-budget films with erotic overtones, but was glad and that.

A noticeable success came to the actress in 1974, after filming the comedy “People’s Romance”. In the same year another successful film “Apassionata” was released.

The turning point in Muti’s career is the work in the film The Last Woman (1976), in which the actress took part along with French actor Gerard Depardieu. In this tape, the actress changed roles – she got a different role, after which the girl began to be perceived on a level with Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida. The films “The Bishop’s Room” and “New Monsters” only strengthened the status of the actress.

World popularity came to Ornella after filming the film “The Taming of the Shrew” (1980), where the actress played with Adriano Celentano. This film is especially fond of viewers in the USSR. A year later, together with Celentano, the actress appeared in the film “Madly in Love”. It is with the legendary actor that the creative biography of Ornella Muti will be closely connected.

In addition to Italian cinema, Muti starred in a number of European films, among them the fantastic blockbuster Flash Gordon (1980), the drama Love Svan (1984) and The Chronicle of the Announced Death (1987). In the early 90s, the actress was involved in the filming of American films: the comedy Oscar (1991) and “Once Breaking the Law” (1992). In 1998, the film actress starred in the serial “The Count of Monte Cristo.”

Further, prominent works were roles in the tapes “Secular Lions” (2000), “Merry and Tanned”, “Investigation” (2006), “Roman Adventures” (2012).

Personal life
Known actress and their novels. At the beginning of her acting career, Ornella Muti fell in love with a young Italian, and after some time became pregnant from him. The father of the unborn child left the actress after the woman refused to have an abortion. The name of this man Ornella still does not reveal. It is only known that at that time the man was married, and his spouse was also in the position.

The actress gave birth to a daughter, Nike, and a year later agreed to become the legitimate wife of Alessio Orano, who was an actress’s partner in the shooting of the first film. The marriage broke up, while Alessio told everyone the truth that Nike’s father wasn’t, which undermined the actress’s reputation.

The next elect Ornella Muti was the producer Federico Facchinetti. The actress gave the spouse a boy Andrea and a girl Caroline.

After a while, it turned out that the husband was engaged in financial frauds by writing false checks to his wife’s name and losing large amounts in the casino. Having found out the truth, Muti agreed to pay Federico’s debts in return for a divorce.

In an interview with representatives of the Italian media, the actress said that she had an affair with Adriano Celentano, but the relationship was not successful, because the actor was not going to leave his lawful wife.

In 1998, Ornella Muti became the wife of a plastic surgeon Stefano Piccollo. The chosen one is 10 years younger than a movie star, but this did not prevent lovers from living in a marriage until 2008.

The media has repeatedly reported that the actress is in a relationship with the network marketing genius Fabrice Kererve.

Ornella Muti now
In 2016, the actress took part in the shooting of the video clip of the singer and showman Alexander Revva, who performs under the stage name Arthur Pirozhkov. The video for the song “# Caccielentano” was created based on the legendary Italian film “The Taming of the Shrew”. In the video, Revva used both the storyline and the incendiary dances of Celentano presented in the cult tape, and Ornella played herself.

In November 2016, the media reported that Ornella Muti had moved to Russia. According to press reports, the actress purchased real estate in the center of the Russian capital, near the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, and also expressed a desire to become a citizen of the Russian Federation.

Soon the journalists found out that employees of the Federal Migration Service of Russia registered an Italian film actress in a house in the east of the capital. This residential building is located in one of the most criminal areas of the city – in Golyanov. This area of ​​Moscow has even entered the top three places in the world that are not recommended for visiting foreign tourists. Users of the Instagram network and other social networks were very surprised by this choice of actress.

In 2016, Ornella Muti visited the “Evening Urgant” program. The actress shared her impressions of staying in Russia.

In 2017, the names of the jury members of the Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF) became known. The event will be held from 22 to 29 June 2017. Peter Shepotinnik, director of public relations at the Moscow International Film Festival, said that the jury members of the main competition will be: Iranian director Reza Mirkarimi, Finnish director Jorn Johan Donner, Spanish director and screenwriter Albert Serra. Program Director of the Moscow International Film Festival Kirill Razlogov also added that Ornella Muti agreed to become a member of the jury of the festival.

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