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Citrus trees are always green, so the season of fruit lasts for a year. In summer, they somehow forgotten, but the closer the New Year, the more oranges, tangerines and other kumquats catch the eye. Orange – a hybrid of tangerine and pomelo in Russia among all citrus fruits it is the most popular fruit and chassis. While in Italy the cult object elevated blood orange, which from the outside looks pretty much the same as usual, but inside is bright red pulp has a sweet taste and strong aroma. Both carry oranges in our region from Italy, Morocco, Spain, California and Florida.
Orange juice
Important in orange – it’s juice and zest. Quickly squeeze a glass of orange juice can with a hand press for citrus fruits, this is an easy to use juicer, but only suitable for medium-sized fruit. There is a juicer with a pitcher, which is installed on plastic funnel – then Orange will have to turn around its axis, pressing the top. Not very convenient, but in a jug can hold at least a liter of juice. If the process of squeezing oranges you strongly entice, juice can not only drink, but also to freeze, poured into molds for sorbet.
Canned oranges
Not bad, canned oranges under the brand name Mikado and Dole, usually they are divided into lobules and do not require any treatment. The German office Mikado, by the way, there is an option of canned oranges in water rather than in sugar syrup. Even syrup is not bad – not too concentrated, so the fruit, if necessary, you can easily get rid of excess sweetness, rinsing under running water.
Orange juice concentrate
Fruit juice concentrates are sold in powder or liquid form. The last is necessary to plant a conventional drinking water in the necessary proportions. Powder concentrates mainly driven by Chinese (good, for example, produced by Xi’an Bosheng Biological Technology), liquid – from America and Europe, such as Italy and Spain. Sold concentrates mostly in the wholesale grocery stores – such as Metro.
Red oranges
Historic home to red orange assumed Sicily, climatic conditions which allegedly caused a natural mutation of orange color of the fruit. Red oranges are good because they are rare bone. In Italy, the most popular orange – “tarokko”, sweet, juicy and not a blood-red, like the Spanish “sangvinello”. Tarocco Italian – “cheating”: so said one farmer cried for the first time saw the red orange.
Seville oranges
Seville orange is not suitable for food: it is too hard and bitter noticeable. But from it convenient to make jams, marmalades and add it to the juice cocktails.
orange Zest
Orange peel – a much more serious source of citrus smell than lemon peel. Especially good orange peel is combined with serious meat – duck, pork and beef, as well as the liver of any origin.

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