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Olga Kurylenko was born November 14, 1979 in the Ukrainian town of Berdyansk Zaporizhia region. Father – Konstantin Kurylenko, a native of Ukraine. Mother – Marina Alyabusheva, worked at the school as a teacher of drawing, is currently a teacher of fine arts in Berdyansk State Pedagogical University. His parents divorced shortly after the birth of her daughter.
Future star graduated from music school, piano. Before 13 years she worked in the ballet studio, playing in the school drama club. After high school, she was going to become a doctor and to enter medical school.
Olga Kurylenko: “Can you imagine how a girl can dream of Berdyansk on the career of the actress? It’s just a different world – Hollywood and Berdyansk. Even to Kiev terribly far. And only in the capital, there is at least some chance! ”
The quotation is taken from the magazine “7 Days», № 09 (02.28.2013)
In 1982, the future actress came with her mother to Moscow on vacation, in the subway where her modeling agency employee noticed and invited to try himself in the modeling industry. After some doubts mother allowed her daughter to do to learn from models of course. After three years in Paris, the agency saw a photograph of Olga and invited her to work in France.
Olga Kurylenko: “It’s incredible luck that the woman noticed me and invited a modeling agency. I still do not understand how it happened. We were in Moscow a couple of days – hard to save money for the tickets – and just went on the subway … Then Parisian agency saw my pictures and was invited to work in Paris, paid all my expenses. And that’s only if I had a real chance ”
The quotation is taken from the magazine “7 Days», № 09 (02.28.2013)
At 16 years old Kurylenko moved to Paris, where she signed a contract with «Madison» largest agency. At first it was very difficult, especially because of the lack of knowledge of the French language, on the study of which she diligently worked. Also, a lot of hard she worked in the modeling business.
At age 18, appeared on the cover of «Glamour» magazine, and after a while her pictures appeared on the «ELLE» magazine covers, «Madame Figaro», «Marie Claire» and «Vogue». She was the face of «Lejaby» companies, «Bebe clothing», «Clarins», «Helena Rubinstein», as well as alcohol brand «Campari». In addition, he starred in commercials coffee «Carte Noire» and shampoo «Pantene».
From 2000 to 2004, Kurylenko was married to French photographer Cedric Van Mol.
In 2001, Olga Kurylenko made her debut in the movie, playing a cameo role in the TV series “Largo Winch”. After a four-year break, the actress starred in low-budget erotic film “Finger of Love” (2005). A year later, a young artiska starred in an episode in the successful French melodrama “Paris, I love you”, where its partners in the set are such well-known actors like Natalie Portman, Gerard Depardieu, Elijah Wood and Steve Busemi.
In 2006, the actress married the second time. Her choice was an American businessman Hispanic Damien Gabriel. A year later, the couple divorced.
World famous Olga brought the role of Bond girl in the 22nd film “James Bond”, “Quantum of Solace” (2008). In casting she walked about four contenders. According to the director Marc Forster, decisive is the fact that Olga, unlike other candidates, was not nervous. In “Quantum” Kurylenko she voiced a role in English, French, Russian and Ukrainian languages.
Olga Kurylenko: “I was very lucky with the” Bond “, I took an excellent school and learned so much … in fact bondiane everything they need can only actor militants. All my other roles – honing skills, and the foundation – all of the “Bond”. Fighting, diving, flying, falling, shooting. All! ”
The quotation is taken from the magazine “7 Days», № 09 (02.28.2013)
During his career, Olga Kurylenko has played more than 20 roles in films and television series, such as: “Amulet” (2006), “the Serpent” (2006), “Dangerous Secrets” (2007), “The Hitman” (2007), “Max Payne” (2008), “On my west” (2008), “The Wall” (2009), “Centurions” (2010), “Tyranny” (2010), “There Be dragons” (2011), “Land of oblivion” (2011) “Magic city” (2012-2013), “Expat” (2012), “Seven psychopaths” (2012), “a miracle” (2012), “Oblivion” (2013), “empires of the Deep” (2014), ” vampire Academy “(2014),” The November Man “(2014),” The water Diviner “(2014),” A perfect day “(released in 2015),” Acceleration “(released in 2015),” Correspondence “(released in 2015) and etc.
In early November 2015, Olga Kurylenko and her common-law spouse, a British journalist and actor Max Benicia son, who was a couple named Alexander Max Horatio.
▪ Award at the International Film Festival in Brooklyn (New York, USA) in the category “Best Actress” for the film “Finger of Love” (2006)
▪ Award «Elle Style Awards» in the nomination “Breakthrough of the Year” (2008)
▪ Award «Boston Society of Film Critics Awards» in the nomination “Best Ensemble” (with Sam Rockwell, Colin Farrell, Woody Harrelson, and other artists) for the film “Seven Psychopaths” (2012)
A family
First husband – Cedric Van Mol, French photographer (married from 2000 to 2004)
Second husband – Damien Gabriel, an American businessman Hispanic (married from 2006 to 2007)
Third husband – Max Benicia, actor and journalist (civil marriage)
Son – Alexander Max Horace (born November 2015), by Max Benicia
Danny Huston, actor

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