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Ocelot – third largest cat, after the American jaguar and puma. Occurs this graceful predator in most parts of South America (Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and others.) And Central America, until the US states of Arizona and Arkansas. On the whole length of the range there is intraspecific variation, in view of which is allocated 10 subspecies of ocelot.
With the Latin name translates as cats “like a leopard”. And indeed some similarities between them has, however, largely ocelot is similar to its closest relative – the cat Marga. His body was long (1.3 meter), rather short legs and powerful. On the elongated neck rests a few flattened head with rounded ears and large glazami.Kraduschiysya ocelot in the jungle
Ocelot has one of the most beautiful colors of all the big cats. On the top and on the sides of the color of fur background yellow gold, white bottom. Across the surface of the body scattered countless spots, stripes, streaks and black dots, which together form an intricate uzor.Smeshnoy ocelot
Despite the fact that he is a predator the ocelot, he leads a very private life. Meet the cat only in the dense tropical jungle and scrub, and never in open terrain. Basically the animal is terrestrial life, but if necessary fine climbs trees and rocks, as well as good plavaet.Zataivshiysya in ambush ocelot
Meet the Ocelot can not during the day – at this time of day he is hiding in secluded places, such as tree hollows and holes of the rocks. At night, the predator goes hunting. Thanks to the development of hearing, sight and smell, the search for production are greatly simplified. Couple otselotovOhotitsya ocelot mainly on small animals such as rabbits, agoutis, peccaries, birds, lizards and even insects and crustaceans. Prey cat to the faithful waiting in ambush in the trees and on the ground, and then kills it with one powerful bite. Ocelot chewed meat can not afford, as his teeth were not designed for this purpose, therefore, tear off a piece, he swallows it whole.
Most of his life ocelots spend alone, in a limited area, which is guarded by the encroachments of other individuals, and mark its borders urine. Lots of males are always more and intersect with areas of several females. Progeny from ocelots appears although year-round, but peaks during the period from June to October. The female bears 1-2 pups 70-80 days, but in the light of the kittens appear in artfully hidden lair – in a hollow tree, caves or in dense shrub thickets.
Young Ocelots are born blind and with little fur, but after 2 weeks open their eyes, and after 1.5 months of full pass to solid food. Sometimes the female spends on the hunt for 18 hours a day to feed the voracious offspring. Puberty young females reach the age of 18 months (approximately the same time, leaving the mother land), and males in 30 months.

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