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The main myth of nutria – a rat. Is it not right that not even want to discuss. Well, actually nothing. Like a dog with a cat. And the family is different and diet and lifestyle – all. Nutria – this is a very cute animal family nutrievyh, much like a beaver. She likes the water, ready to gnaw for days all sorts of branches and any herbs eats very cool, legs and well tamed.
The most kind and trusting, why the huge males, weighing 10-12 kg. But unfortunately it does not last long. Three of four years and must score. And sometimes very sorry. I have been instances that he was ready to keep forever, before the good. Here I think the reason is inactivity. It’s hard to create a home environment close to nature. At the expense of taming nutria – a piece of advice. If you want to tame the beast, let him live alone and communicates only with you.
They are very large beggars. If you open the cage, and they knocked on the whole bunch of you – it is not aggression, is begging. Only they have their own goodies: apple, carrot, beet, and any piece of twigs.
And another myth – cry. Nutria beast in general almost silent. If all goes well organized – you do not hear. Shouts nutria or fighting, or mating. When pairing is when the female to the male plant. An unknown animal climbs on the female – it can make some noise. Cries like a cat – in March.
Ill nutria rare. The main problem is with frostbite and poisoning. But the stop in the following sections.
Now to the animal size. By the age of 8 months, must reach a weight of 5 kg. It is basically a normal weight for slaughter. Get the carcass without the head, feet, skin, viscera weight of 3 kg. If you hold on weigh 6-7 kg. This is the weight of the females left for reproduction. That these figures can safely rely. I can only add that the individual weight of 10 -12 kg is not so rare.
And the last – the smell. Smell is not at all. Not that I sniffed – everyone notices. The smell is not present at meat, or a cell or in barns. So if you think about the neighbors – no problems. But – there were no smell have to do everything correctly.
In general, I am bringing up: nutria on his farmstead one of the most trouble-free animals. For example, chickens fuss and more questions arise.

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