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Star European value
Nur Aysan (Fettahoglu) is another bright Turkish-German actress, who became famous worldwide, thanks to the super-popular TV series “Magnificent century”. This project has made our today’s heroine star European value. But needless to say that the role Mahadevan Sultan is the only worthwhile work in the career of an actress? Of course not. Today we will try to prove it to you.
Early years, childhood and the seed
The future star of the series “Magnificent century” was born on 12 November 1980. It happened in the German city of Duisburg (North Rhine-Westphalia), where it lived for a long time the parents of our today’s heroine. In addition to the Noor in her family were also four more children. When the future actress was only four years old, her parents decided to return to their historical homeland and moved back to Turkey. The family settled in Istanbul’s Besiktas district, where he spent his childhood and youth of our today’s heroine. Here she attended high school and graduated from one of the high schools were located relatively close to her house.
Having received a good education, Nur Fettahoglu became fascinated with fashion design. She cut and sewed, and then create new sketches, and again took up the needle and thread. First design skill to her was no more than a favorite hobby. But one day Nour decided to do business with more professional and went to study at the Istanbul haliç University, where he enrolled in the faculty of design of clothes. However, a career in the industry at Nur Fettahoglu still did not work. While at University, she worked as a Bank employee. And later was able to find a job on TV, where he began to pursue an economic program of “news exchange”. As presenter of the channel “Sky Turk”, our heroine today has become quite famous. She began to earn decent money, but because of the old fascination with the design at one point has faded into the background, becoming again only a pleasant hobby.
Career of Nur Aysan in the world of cinema, the filmography
It is noteworthy that his acting career Nur Fettahoglu started only after I got married. Her husband, Murat Aysan – was closely associated with the world of Turkish cinema. It was he, in fact, proposed to his young wife for the first time to try myself as an actress. Nur agreed, and in 2007-m to year appeared on the screen in the popular television series “Some of my father.” The project that first made her famous. It is noteworthy that the first popularity came to the actress in the moment when she changed her name and became known as Nur Aysan. That is why in many sources it is mentioned under this name.
Despite the fact that the first marriage, the actress did not last long, acting has become an important part of her life. Nur split up with your ex-spouse, but not with the world of cinema in General. For this reason, soon our current heroine once again changed the name to Fettahoglu and began to look for a new role. Under her maiden name Nur appeared in the TV series “Beating heart” (Gönül salincagi), where he again played the role of one of the Central heroines. It was loved by the audience. But because fees of the actress several times growing up after the series was put into production. But do not think that this fact made the actress to stay in its development. To rest on our laurels Turkish actress not even going. Spending several hours a day in the theater, she methodically worked on together with the best Istanbul acting coaches. Because of this, the professionalism of the actress grew up from one role to another. This fact was noted by the Directors, and therefore very soon Nur Aysan-Fettahoglu was one thing after another to get offers on the set. In 2008 year, our today’s heroine appeared in the multiseries melodrama “Forbidden love”. This project became very popular in Turkey, Germany and some other European countries. It was highly praised by the audience and critics. For the total number of viewers who have watched the TV series, the project “Forbidden love” still remains one of the most popular films in the history of Turkish television industry. After this star role of Nur Aysan-Fettahoglu has established itself as one of the most popular Actresses of Turkey. She acted infrequently, however every project with her participation will certainly become a hit. Another proof of the fact in October of 2010 year was also the dramatic film “Cashier” in which our heroine has performed one of the main roles. This film was subsequently presented at many prestigious film festivals and everywhere it received positive reviews from critics and audiences.
In the series “Magnificent century”
Was no exception and the series “Magnificent century”, which was released a few months later. From the first series of historical twists and turns of the series captured the audience. The project has become popular in Turkey. Subsequently to the list of countries featured in the TV show, was joined by Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belarus, Saudi Arabia and many other countries of the world.
At the moment, the historical series broadcast in more than fifty countries. Such a breakthrough was a historic success for the Turkish television, however, and for all the actors involved in the project. Nur Aysan-Fettahoglu takes in the project role Mahadevan Sultan. Playing the wife of one of the Central characters of the series our heroine will soon. In parallel with the shooting in the series actress and feature films. In 2011, the year she presented the audience with his new movie “Valley of the wolves: Palestine”. About the new works of the actress out of the series “Magnificent century” is not known. Now the actress works with their kollegami as Meriem Uzerli, Halit ergenc, Selma Ergec, Nebahat Cehre and others.
Personal life
As mentioned above, many years ago an actress married with Murat Isana, however, this Union didn’t last long. Later, after becoming a real star, the actress got married again. New husband, the actress became a businessman Levent Veziroglu. Recently the happy couple had a baby.

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