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Now You See Me 2

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Tricks – one of the oldest entertainment humankind. People have always loved and continue to love the presentation of magicians. It’s always exciting and incredibly interesting. But even more interesting to look at the work of these professionals in this case. Illusionists – artists who are able to make a person even for a moment to believe in the existence of this magic. These people reveal curtain into the mysterious world, inaccessible to human understanding. And let this be an illusion, but it nevertheless takes a lot of fun. There are also magicians, which create the illusion that to a man and, for example, to rob him.
In the center of the story is a group of four illusionists – professionals. They call themselves “The Four Horsemen”. They have already managed to show the world his power, when right in front of everyone, recording what is happening on camera was stolen from the bank millions of dollars. And all presented as a focal point, they allegedly forced to sum to disappear, and then brought back.
In fact, “returned by” funds were fake. However, it revealed the deception until much later. The actions of the team are interested in power. How does a company get out of the situation, the audience saw in the first part of the movie, but now have the opportunity to see the continuation of the story in which friends – magicians ponder another loud illusion.

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