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Even those of us who have never read the Bible, certainly not once heard about the biblical righteous Noah and his ark. For this biblical story and put the film. Noah – the head of a friendly and happy family, who lived on the land for more than two thousand years ago. Noah was not rich and not nice, he just lived a righteous life, and this is demanded by the milestones of his family members. At first his family lived quietly and calmly, but then began to come to Noah doing about the imminent event, which is to destroy all life on earth. It should be a great Flood that punished people for their sins allow the Lord God.
First, Noah would not even pay attention to these warnings, but he was there, in visions, it was discovered a method by which he could have been saved by the flood himself and his family. Noah ignored these visions attention until then, until I realized that God has laid on him a great responsibility, and only Noah be able to save all life, if you build a huge ark, which would take with him a pair of every existing on earth, animals. The Lord explained to our hero how to build an ark so that can accommodate everything that needs to save Noah from the flood.
Noah was warned by God that will soon end. While Noah built the ark, many people asked him what he was doing and why. But none of the people did not want to help our hero and begin to live righteously. And Noah was given by God exactly as much time as was necessary to build the ark. Therefore, when God’s anger has fallen upon sinful planet and its inhabitants, washing away everything from the earth in its path, the righteous Noah’s family was safe shelter in the ark, waiting for the end of the raging elements, and completion of God’s wrath. And then, after the end of the flood, the survivors, should revive new life in the earth, it is no wonder he saved animals one at a time, and the pair as God commanded him.

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