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Nicolas Cage – American actor, producer, director. Winner of the “Oscar” for the film “Leaving Las Vegas.”
Nicholas Kim Coppola, was born on January 7, 1964 in Long Beach, California. Little Nicholas grew up in a bohemian family. His father was a professor of literature, his mother – a dancer, my grandfather – the famous composer and conductor, and uncle – the famous film director Francis Ford Coppola. It is not surprising that the only thing Nicolas Coppola dreamed since childhood – a “get inside the box.” He could not wait to become an actor, so in 17 years, the indefatigable Nicholas threw bothered to study at the prestigious school for the “gold” of children in Beverly Hills, passing an external examination. Filed under Hollywood, 17-year-old Coppola got her first role in the television film “The Best of Times.” Then there were small roles in other projects, but they did not bring the coveted glory Nicholas. In 1983, he goes on trial in the movie “Valley Girl” and decides to give up his stellar names that it does not affect the choice of director. Nicolas sure and without the painful glory of the legendary relative, it will find its way to Hollywood Olympus.
19-year-old actor adopts a creative nickname comic book hero Luke Cage and avant-garde composer John Cage. Producers say an unknown actor Nicolas Cage in the role of a rock musician Randy in “Valley Girl.” This work has been featured Nicholas relative success. As he tried to disown the influence of Nicholas Coppola’s uncle, the legendary director still holds out a helping hand in the beginning of his career. Francis Ford Coppola offers nephew roles in “Rumble Fish,” “The Cotton Club,” “Peggy Sue Got Married.” Actor lot is removed, however, there is no career take off. So far, it has only the reputation of an eccentric actor: Nicolas somewhat eccentric, ready to shoot, asking him to pull out two teeth without anesthesia, as well as its hero (the film “Ptah”) or eating a cockroach in front of the camera (the film “Kiss of the Vampire”). Soon Uncle issue of her nephew terribly disparaging review: “do not make a good actor out of it!”. When a creative relationship with his uncle ever breaks, Nicolas Coppola in fact, not only formally, it is Nicolas Cage.
Left alone with his doubts and certainly had lost all hope, Cage gets the role of an alcoholic loser in the psychological drama “Leaving Las Vegas” in 1995. And the long-awaited recognition comes to him in ’31. For this role, Nicolas Cage was awarded the prize “Oscar” in the category “Best Actor of the Year” and “Golden Globe” for best male dramatic role. It spins the wheel of fortune Nicolas Cage. Subsequent to its role only strengthens his fame as a truly talented actor. Nicolas Cage is unforgettable and action films ( “The Rock,” “Con Air,” “Gone in 60 Seconds,” “Face”) and romantic dramas ( “City of Angels,” “The Family Man”), and thrillers, and adventure films ( “national Treasure”, “The Wicker man”), and even in kinokomiks ( “Ghost rider”). Cage also changed the approach to the role. “I do not eat cockroaches. I try to enjoy my game, “- says the actor.
The actor has been married three times. His second wife was the daughter of Elvis Presley, and last wife was a simple waitress Alice Kim. Cage – the father of two sons. His childhood dream come true for a long time: for his contribution to the development of the film industry he was awarded the Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But all is not appeased Cage: “I do not see myself as a successful actor. Always I look at myself as someone who is constantly trying to find new script. I still feel like a half-empty cup. “

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