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Nick Robinson: a biography
Nicholas John Robinson (Nick Robinson) is a young American film actor who became popular after filming the TV series “Melissa and Joey” and the melodrama “Kings of Summer”.

Nick was born March 22, 1995 in Seattle, Washington. My father, Michael Robinson, had two children from his first marriage. When he married Denise Podnar, five more were born in the family, and Nicholas was the eldest of them. In Seattle, the boy graduated from junior classes. I also managed to study for one year in the most prestigious Jesuit high school in the city.

At a fairly early age, Nick’s parents went to a drama school called “Jump to Broadway,” where professional teachers quickly enough were able to identify the acting talent laid down in the boy and helped him develop his abilities. At the age of 11, Nick Robinson made his debut on stage in a play based on the story of Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’.

In 2008, parents were able to meet with Matt Cassel – the legendary Hollywood scout who was looking for talent. After a conversation with a young actor, Kassela was fascinated by his smile and openness, expressed the opinion that the boy had a great future and recommended to go to Los Angeles without delay.

Also gave the contact details of the actor’s agency “Savage”, whose client was Nick. But, unfortunately, when the Robinsons arrived in Hollywood, there was just the strike of the Writers Guild of the United States. The family returned home, and Nick Robinson continued to play in the theater.

Soon the teenager still moved to Los Angeles and studied there at the Campbell Hall specialized school for children gifted in art. In 2013, Nick became a student at New York University.

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In the cinema, Nick made his debut at 4 years of age, playing cameo roles in the films “The Magic Garden of Tom” and “Pure English Murder.” A year later, the five-year-old actor’s film replenished with a third film entitled “Vatel”, a biographical drama about the time of the reign of French King Louis XIV. Nick managed to work on the same stage with world movie stars Gerard Depardieu, Uma Thurman and Tim Roth.

The next time the actor appeared on the screen only in 2009, playing the main role of the young father in Travis Senger’s fantastic short film “CC 2010”.

In 2010, after a second audition, Nick Robinson got the role of Ryder Scanlon, brother of the heroine of the Lennox Elizabeth Scanlon (Taylor Spreitler), in the comedy sitcom “Melissa and Joey”, which went on the cable channel “ABC” for 5 years. In the film, we talked about teenagers who were in the care of the father’s former top manager, Joey Longo (Joey Lawrence), who begins an affair with their aunt Melissa Burke (Melissa Joan Hart).

The film in 2015 was named the most popular comedy series. Nick participated in 91 episodes of the 104 footage. In the credits of this series, Nick went through as “Nick J. Robinson.” In the future, the average name of the actor is not used.

In parallel with the multi-part comedy “Melissa and Joey”, a young tall actor with a slim figure (Nick’s height – 188 cm, weight – 71 kg) appeared in the teenage melodrama “Sworn Friends” in the lead role of Jake Logan. The film was a success in 2012 on the Disney Channel. Nick’s partner in this film was another rising star, Bella Thorn.

In the same year, a show of the series “Underground Empire” started on the cable channel “NVO”, in which Robinson got the occasional role of Rowland Smith. The film, which tells about the time of the birth of the gambling business in America at the beginning of the 20th century, was broadcast over 5 seasons. The main roles in the crime drama were played by Alex Palladino, Steve Buscemi, Michael Pitt.

By 2013, the actor already had a certain fame, thanks to many years of filming in the daily television series, but Nick attracted the serious attention of film critics, directors and viewers after the release of the independent melodrama “Kings of Summer”, where he played the main role Joe Toya. The picture, taken in 3 months, took 17th place in the list of “Best films of the summer – 2013”.

Interestingly, at the first screening at the Sundance Film Festival, the film was shown as “Toy House”. And under the famous name “Kings of Summer”, he was first shown at the Cleveland International Film Festival. Together with Robinson, Gabriel Basso, Moises Arias, Nick Offerman and Alison Bree are in the main cast of the film.

Nick Robinson also played the role of Zach Mitchell in the 4th part of the movie series about the Jurassic Park “Jurassic World”. This fantastic film was the highest grossing of all the paintings in 2015 and ranks 3rd in terms of fees in the history of cinema, collecting 1.6 billion dollars. Preparation for the film was going on for 10 years; 14 new dinosaur models were created by animators of the film, which were not found in previous versions of the franchise. The leading roles, along with Nick Robinson, were played by Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Tay Simpkins.

Personal life
Nick Robinson calls himself a closed and extremely non-public person, so the actor does not advertise the events of his personal life. With the advent of widespread fame, Nick deleted his own pages on social networks. The last account was canceled on Instagram in January 2015, so there is not a single official page on the Internet.

Nick’s best friends were actresses Taylor Spreitler, who played his character’s sister in “Melissa and Joey”, and Mike Monroe, who participates in the shooting of “5th Wave” with him. The name and photo of his girlfriend do not appear in the official sources of information about the actor.

In 2012, the actor became the face of Cox Communications, a digital cable television company. Robinson starred in a series of commercials under the general title “Waiting time is not lost time.”

Nick Robinson is now
In 2016, the post-apocalyptic film “5th Wave”, the screen version of the acclaimed novel by Rick Yancy, was released. Nick Robinson reincarnated in Ben Parish nicknamed Zombie, living in a society of the future, which because of the invasion of aliens rolled back in development almost to the Stone Age.

Together with the young artist, the main actors, Chloe Grace Moretz, Nick Robinson, Alex Rowe and Mike Monroe, worked on the stage. The motion picture brought the creators $ 109 million. In the same year, the movie “Be Charlie” was launched on movie screens, in which Nick got the role of Charlie Mills, a teenager trying to cope with drug addiction.

In 2017, in the creative biography of the actor, a new milestone came after the fantastic melodrama “This Whole World” appeared on the screens. In the film Nick reincarnated in the main character Olli Bright, in love with the neighboring girl Maddie Whittier (Amandla Stenberg), suffering from a rare form of allergy and forced to spend life indoors.

Now the work on the film “Crystal” is being completed, in which Nick played the role of Taylor Ogburn, a notorious perfectionist in love with the former stripper Crystal (Rosario Dawson). In addition, the actor began work on the films “Surprisingly, but the fact” and “Simon and the propaganda of Gomo Sapiens”, the premiere of which is expected next year.

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