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Niagara Falls

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Despite the fact that Niagara falls is approximately 40 km from the city of Toronto, it is considered to be its main natural landmark. Niagara is one of the most amazing and beautiful waterfalls in the world. It takes its rise in the U.S., but the most fascinating types of went to Canada.
The sound of roaring water can be heard for many miles around, particularly scary as it sounds in the night, so when you stand at the waterfall do not hear anything. Its name is translated from Indian dialect as “thundering water”.
Ancient legends of the Indians
One legend says that a young girl Lelawala’s father decided to give to wife hated her fiancé. Then the girl decided to sacrifice true love to God, Heh-But who lived in a cave under the waterfalls. Her canoe she was sent straight to threatening the flow of the water and collapsed along with the canoe upside down, where he was caught by her lover.
Actually there are three waterfalls located on the Niagara river, bearing one common name. Two of them please and delight tourists, and the third is the heritage of the electricity sector. Beginning in 1881, due to generated waterfall of energy covered several villages. Today, the plant produces 4.4 gigawatts.
An unsurpassed masterpiece of nature
When the sun’s rays refracted in the cloud with water spray, form a bright rainbow, as a rule, they are few and they are located inside each other. Niagara falls, like any other at different times of the year looks completely different. In winter, visitors gaze appears a wonderful fabulous picture – enormous icicles sparkling and shimmering in the sun, hanging down.
In the spring, here unfolds the battle on the ice, when the time comes the drifting. Huge blocks of ice like an iceberg, with an incredible roar fall and crashing up lost in its depths.
Famous for the whole world falls, receives annually about 20 million tourists. Throughout the County built a huge number of restaurants and hotels in Toronto, the suspended roads and observation towers.

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