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General information:
Full name: New Orleans
State: Louisiana
Established: 1718
Population (the surroundings): 1.3 million people..
Area: 907 sq km
City of New Orleans is located on the south of the United States on the banks of the Mississippi River, near its confluence with the Gulf of Mexico. City with all three sides by a continuous water – its shores are washed by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi River and Lake Ponchartrain. In addition, much of New Orleans is at sea level or even lower. New Orleans – is the largest city in Louisiana. Total in the New Orleans area is home to over 1.3 million. Man.
New Orleans due to its spatial location is constantly exposed to serious threats from the sea. Hurricanes and floods bring enormous destruction and are often quite unpredictable. In 2005, in the aftermath of the catastrophic hurricane Katrina was flooded with more than 80% of the entire city. Tens and hundreds of thousands of people at one point lost their homes and were forced to leave the city immediately and permanently. Many of those who left the people have not returned. One year after the terrible disaster in New Orleans population was reduced by almost half. And still such a big city was not able to fully recover from the devastating floods.
The economy of New Orleans directly depends on the development of maritime affairs. The region has a lot of shipbuilding, transport and logistics companies. In Louisiana, namely, on the known platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, it is an active oil production, a large number of which are processed on a daily basis in numerous private and public companies in the region. In this regard, New Orleans is one of the main centers of the petrochemical and refining industries. It is also very important and profitable sector of the city’s economy is tourism.
New Orleans has a reputation of “adult” of the city, where you can easily find all imaginable entertainment for persons of full age. The city is famous for its active club life, the widespread availability of alcohol, music, numerous casinos and other entertainment, attracting like a magnet, and county residents themselves, and tourists from around the world.
But do not forget that New Orleans – it is also historic areas and interesting, unusual architecture, fascinating museums, chic shopping, fun festivals, parades, bright and unforgettable holidays. The most popular and widely known holiday – beautiful and spectacular carnival of Mardi Gras. The tourists coming to New Orleans, often of great interest tours in the surrounding plantations and swamps, diverse and attractive for content and price options for cruises in the Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi River or Lake.

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