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Name: Natalia Rudova
Date of Birth: July 2, 1983 (33)
Zodiac: Cancer
Oriental horoscope: Boar
Place of birth: Pakhtakor, Uzbekistan
Activities: theater and film actress
Weight: 55 kg
Height: 172 cm
Biography Natalia Rudova
Pregnant mother Natalia V. Rudova went to the grandmother on a visit to Uzbekistan, and there gave birth to a daughter. However, the girl lived to 12 years of age at the seaside in the Kazakhstan city of Aktau.
By the way, Natalia Rudova grandmother hails from Leningrad, but out of the city on the Neva family left during the evacuation and settled in Uzbekistan. There the girls mother met her future husband and father of her child.
Miraculously he survived
As a child of the career of the actress Natalia Rudova even and did not think. She wanted to be at different times of a commodity, a teacher, a mother, and the seller. Although very early discovered that the girl – a creative person. Schoolgirl engaged in dancing, embroidering and even sewing. It was only in the seventh grade knew Mummery – is her element. Natasha constantly organize school dances, competitions, participated in skits and performances. And then I began to attend a theatrical circle. There she showed herself so that everything is in one voice repeating “All Rudova! You should be in the theater! “. This is supported by the fact that the girl was almost no inclination to exact sciences, but the humanities were given playfully.
However, to engage in serious mental stress Natasha Rudova banned. As a child, the future actress fell off the swing and got a severe concussion. Girl for a long time lay in the hospital, was on a drip with a temperature of almost forty-two degrees. Doctors did not know what to do with the patient, and were surprised that she was able to survive.
However, about the sciences, Natasha had to remember in the theater. In the last year of school in the program unexpectedly introduced advanced mathematics.
“Well, I was met with the boy, who had studied in physics and mathematics! He solved all the puzzles me, “- Natasha laughs.
As a child, Natalia Rudova was a daredevil, everyone called her “partisan”. Girl always climbed trees and went with scraped knees.
From Kazakhstan to Russia Natasha she moved after her parents divorced. Girl with her family settled in Ivanovo. There, and he enrolled in drama school. To conquer the capital and storm the Moscow theater universities in the family had no money. From 17 years old Natasha herself provided.
But after school, like many peers, theater-goers, the girl went to conquer Moscow. Natasha lucky, by 2003, there is already settled future actress sister. Rudova she lived only a few days and all the time she dedicated to the search for rental accommodation. In the capital, Natasha took off her room and got a job as a manager in a sports store on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. This allowed the girl to live more or less independently. In addition, in the future star was quite sparing schedule, which is called “two by two”. In his spare time, actress went on auditions. Store manager even sometimes let on the sample and on weekdays.
Excellent external data allowed her to work as model. Pictures girls adorned in several glossy magazines. Rudova even took part in the filming of social advertising with Nikolai Fomenko.
All his spare time went to Natalia Rudova various castings. Now she’s at all costs tried to make his dream come true – to become an actress. One day, luck turned to face her. The girl was given a small role in the TV series “Diva” directed by Olga Sidorova.
career start was given. Natalia began a tempestuous affair with the cinema. At first the girl battered only bit parts. She played in such famous series as “Who’s the Boss?”, “In the world of criminal passions,” “Memoirs of Stalin” and “Conductor”. And after that, the actress noticed and invited to the role in the TV series “Tatyana’s Day.”
The series covered the three most common topics: the fight blondes and brunettes, rich and poor, the provincials and Muscovites. Natalia Rudova, which also once conquered Moscow, the capital has played a rich girl Tatyana Barinov. On the role of the actress he coped brilliantly. The heroine has turned out different, so look at it and wonder. She is loving and devoted, sometimes good, and sometimes vice versa.
Yet, according to spectators, Tatyana Barinov turned negative character. But the actress, who lived most of his life his character, calling her unhappy. It does not justify the actions Barinova. The origins of “evil” to be found in childhood. What do they want from a girl who had been left to itself: growing up without a mother, and his father was passionate about the work only.
After “Tatiana Day” Natalya Rudova played in the TV series “railway workers”. And immediately began working on a new project, a thriller. This is a completely new genre for the actress.
Theatre in the life of Natalia Rudova was not. Although the opportunity to play on the boards provided. However, even if you wanted to be an actress and work in theater, then this will not allow is congestion on the set. By the way, the girl does not mind to try yourself in the role of presenter of the youth program or the music scene – Natasha sings quite well. However, this goal is not standing in front of a young actress.
Life Natalia Rudova
The performer of the title role in “Tatyana’s Day” series, says that in real life with her heroine combines except that commitment. Natalia Rudova unlike Tatiana Barinova not go over the head for the sake of his goal or the man she loved attention. However, both are equally like to have fun. Natalia Rudow very often seen in nightclubs.
About the family and children is an actress does not think, and yet finds itself unprepared to family problems. Spouse and children can slow down her career, and Natalia is very big plans for the future. However, in the role of housewife Rudova is himself does not see, but is sympathetic to his colleagues and ordinary people who have given themselves entirely to the family. She wants to become as famous as Milla Jovovich and was then planning to think seriously about marriage and chadah.
Especially for the kids need their own apartment, and the actress spends the evening in rented housing. While the loved one shares these views actress.
Incidentally, the actress is interested in painting. This is not the work of a professional, however, the picture is not ashamed to show friends and acquaintances.
It is worth noting that a beautiful figure and folding Natalia Rudova from nature. She did not use the fitness center, because of the busy schedule, the girl home maximum can be wrung out or shake the press several times. Not very whimsical, it is true, Natasha food. She loves mashed potatoes, and every morning starts with a cup of coffee. But because she was taken out of Uzbekistan affection for acute and Uzbek bread. By the way, eating the girl herself is not limited and can eat everything, but does not allow to fill his stomach after six in the evening.
Superfluous kgs will not be added, possibly because Natalia indifferent to sweet, and never sits still. Rudova argues that good cooks, but the business itself can not be called, because it does not like to stand at the stove. If you get a day off at home, it is better to paint the something or score a nail.

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