Natalie Portman

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Name: Natalie Portman (Natalie Hershlag)
Date of Birth: June 9, 1981
Age: 34 year
Place of Birth: Jerusalem
Height: 157
Activities: Actress, Director, Screenwriter
Marital status: Married to Benjamin Millepied

The star of films “Leon”, “Star Wars” and “Black Swan” Natalie Portman is very rapidly risen to the top of Hollywood with his first role having won millions of viewers around the world. Her first role she played in 13 years, and immediately became a popular young actress. Natalie is also known for his social position: Artist – a supporter of vegetarianism and a fervent defender of animals, stop wearing fur, leather, and even feathers.

Talented girl, won the love of millions, was born on June 9, 1981 in the holy city of Jerusalem. Her father, Avner Hershlag, namely that name Natalie wore until his debut in cinema was a highly respected doctor specializing in infertility problems. Specialists such qualifications have always been in demand in the US, so in 1984 the family moved to Washington. There Avner engaged in professional development, and his daughter sent to a Jewish school, where Natalie was able to get a decent education and not to forget their roots. The school girl studying very successfully mastered Hebrew, English, French and other languages in the future a lot of help in her career. With four years Portman engaged in dances and summer holidays spent in the camp, which specializes in the development of acting ability in children.

Later her family moved to Long Island, where Natalie studied in high school. The aspiring actress is very responsible attitude towards their education, she liked to learn and master new skills. Young Portman was fond of science, and even became a co-author of the scientific work on the theme “The enzymatic hydrogen production.” She actively participated in science fairs, contests and competitions. Perhaps, folded her fate otherwise, the world would have never heard about the talented actress Natalie Portman, but would see graduate Natalie Hershlag.

After high school, Portman attended Harvard University, where she received a Bachelor of Psychology. In 2004, Natalie has returned to education and enrolled in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

2007 Natalie has created a brand of shoes made of artificial materials that could, in her view, to fully replace animal products with natural components. Hollywood star also took part in “PETA” advertising company who advocate for the abandonment of the use of fur.

Natalie Portman: movies

Career Natalie Portman has developed so rapidly and on a large scale, virtually every job in its fairly extensive filmography deserves special mention. Already in the 11 years old girl was fully aware of who wants to be in the future. She attended all the auditions, and in 1993 she was lucky: Natalie took the lead role in the cult film “Leon” by French director Luc Besson.

It was then and there was its transformation from Hershlag in Portman, she took the name of which was of maternal grandmother. Curiously, Natalie initially refused the role as assistant director Portman considered too old. But the director did not take any of his proposed actresses, samples had to continue to attract and retired earlier candidates, including Portman. Young actress Besson won his game and an incredible ability to cry for real on only one team that was the deciding factor in its favor. For 13-year-old girl, it was a resounding start, which brought her a huge number of suggestions about the shooting.

Portman’s next role was not so noticeable, but the actress was shot again in the frame with the first Hollywood stars, actors Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in the film “Fight”. Ambitious girl was able to achieve a lot, almost all the films she played with the stars of the first magnitude that simply could not affect on its own success. All movies with Portman accompanied by very positive reviews from critics, and her own acting talents are increasingly deserves special praise.

The resounding success and international recognition Natalie came after its appearance in the cult film of George Lucas’ “Star Wars Episode 1:. The Phantom Menace”, released in rent in 1999. For the role of Queen Amidala, the ruler of Naboo, the actress refused to other projects. In the story in her character was a double-maid, whose role went to an unknown at the time the actress Kira Knightley, through the efforts of the make-up has become an exact copy of Natalie. The resemblance between the two actresses was so striking that further opened the way for more young Knightley in the movie. The audience came to the incredible excitement of regular part of your favorite movies, but the critics were not so merciful to the brainchild of director. The film received numerous nominations for “Golden Raspberry”, in particular, one indirectly touches actress “for the worst screen couple.”

Fame Natalie spread around the world, and specially invited actress in projects. For example, actress Susan Sarandon has put the director of the film “Anywhere but Here” an ultimatum that he would only play in a couple with a young star, and the writers had to essentially rewrite the plot to remove the scene of erotic character with Natalie, because of which it had previously refused to participate in the film. Critics came to the wild delight of the games Portman, she again earned many positive reviews and has received 2 nominations for prestigious awards.

The next step in the career of the actress was the role in the movie “Proximity”, where the artist was on a film set with Julia Roberts. For his role Portman received the first “Golden Globe” and a nomination for the award “Oscar”.

In 2008, the actress made her debut as a director and screenwriter picture “Eve.” According to Natalie, writing this story and image of its main character inspired by my own grandmother.

In 2010, Portman played a ballerina role in the acclaimed drama “Black Swan.” In order to significantly play his heroine, the actress spent a lot of time to train and lost 9 kg. But her dance skills are not enough to repeat the trade union movement, and in the most difficult moments of her performing a backup dancer Sarah Lane. Portman won the coveted award “Oscar” for his work, and then in the press regarding the scandal broke out a small number of dances performed an actress. According to statements Lane, she performed the lion’s share of dance numbers, while director Darren Aronofsky stated that Portman has appeared in more than 80% of these scenes.

Natalie Portman: love life

About his personal life he does not like to talk Portman, although calls itself a very open person. In 2000, she met and started dating a young actor Gael Garcia Bernal, but the couple’s relationship lasted no longer than a year. Later, the actor said that did not want to part with the actress, but it was hard to maintain a relationship because of the very different work schedule. Natalie starred in Hollywood, while Bernal has worked in Europe.

On the set of “Black Swan” actress he met a ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied. And in 2010, the representatives of Portman announced that the couple became engaged and shortly expects to replenish the family. In 2011, the artists had a son Aleph, and a year later the star couple has been seen in engagement rings, though representative of the actress has not confirmed the rumors about their marriage. The wedding took place in August 2012 and was held according to Jewish tradition.

In January 2013, the family of Portman-Millepied announced its intention to move to Paris, where Benjamin got the job of artistic director of the local ballet theater.

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