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Naomi Campbell was born on May 22, 1970 in London. Top model has a Chinese-Jamaican origin. Naomi’s parents divorced when she was still very young. This turning point in the life of the girls played a great role in the formation of her character, she became more focused and stubborn. He brought up a future star mother who later got married for the second time.
But the relationship of Naomi and stepfather did not exist, they are usually communication always ended in scandal.
In the childhood the girl showed all his obstinate character, Naomi had constantly to assert themselves, and prove to everyone that she is an adult. Because of this, the school she had there were constant conflicts with teachers and classmates.
Star Trek
In the 15 years since Naomi happened the most important meeting that changed her life. In the English park near her school, she was spotted by a scout agency Elite Beth Boldt. Already in the 16 years she flew on the first shooting in Paris.
Luck seemed haunted Naomi, so in 1986, Naomi Campbell had to replace the black models, and her photo appeared on the cover of Elle. Immediately after that, the fashion world has paid attention to the beauty darky. Proposals received one after the other. She became the first black model who appeared on the cover of Time magazine, as well as French and British Vogue. In the late 90’s Naomi was one of the most popular models in the world.
During an extraordinary plasticity and its black color called black panthers. In 1995 she made her debut as a singer with his first album Babywoman. Musicians who Naomi starred in videos, tens.
Since 1984, she started to act in films and played with stars such as Antonio Banderas, Whoopi Goldberg, Sarah Jessica Parker and John Malkovich. All in all 31 Black Panther movie. She has published a book with your best photos – Naomi by Naomi Campbell, launched a perfume line and has become the leading reality show.
A few of the most famous supermodels of the 90s continued his career as actively as Naomi. Her fashion lovers regularly see on the show of leading designers (eg, Roberto Cavalli). It is still frequently invited to appear for various magazines and participate in interesting projects. One of them was the performance at the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics in London.
Naomi Campbell: height, weight
The model Naomi Campbell height is 178 cm, weight – 50 kg.
Naomi Campbell’s personal life
All their men model called husbands, though she could leave with them immediately after its declaration. Who among men black panther left behind? In the late 80’s Naomi had an affair with boxer Mike Tyson. After him, in the early ’90s model he met with Robert De Niro, and then a few months – with Eric Clapton. In 1994, Naomi was engaged to U2 bassist Adam Clayton, but the pair has not been together long.
The first long-term relationship with the model began a dancer Joaquin Cortes. But one day she caught him with a man – the pilot of the airline “Iberia”. Naomi was a severe depression, and she even tried to commit suicide. Consolation beauty found in the arms of the owner of “Formula 1” Flavio Briatore. The pair then converge, the costs, and ultimately put an end Naomi herself, confessing that the man belonged to her as a trophy.
In 2002, the Campbell fell in love with the rapper P. Diddy, and then to bully Tommy Lee, ex-husband of Pamela Anderson.
In 2004, Naomi met Asher millionaire musician Matteo Mardzotto.
In 2008, before the loud affair with Vlad Doronin, Naomi met with Brazilian billionaire Marcus Helios. In the spring of 2013 Naomi fled with Doronin, who left for the model left the family after 22 years of marriage. The decision, by the way, there were Doronin expensive – for the divorce, he gave the former $ 10 million. But their five-year romance so anything and has not ended. Naomi has not taken root in the Russian land, and carry case with a wedding dress Dolce & Gabbana was not unpacked.
In 2015, Naomi finally came to himself after breaking up with Doronin, began the old. Acquainted with the racer “Formula-1” Lewis Hamilton, the former fiance of singer Nicole Scherzinger, Naomi quickly dragged him into his net.
In addition, Naomi has an incredible success in show business thanks to its scandalous antics. Periodically, it received complaints from staff, so in 2007, Naomi worked five days of community service, and took a course on anger management.
But it does not much help the model, and in 2008, she spat at the police officer who was trying to reassure Naomi during a riot at the airport.
In April 2008, the model was further psychotherapy for self-control, let’s see if it will last her a long time.

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