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Biography of Nadia Bjorlin
Nadia Bjorlin is a well-known actress of cinema and television of american origin, famous for its prominent curves and her beautiful face.
Nadia Alexandra Björlin was born on August 2, 1980 in the city of Newport, located within the state of Rhode Island in the united States of America.
His family consists of his mother, Fary, an interior designer of Persian descent, his father, Ulf Björlin, a Swedish songwriter, and his two older brothers Ulf and Jean Paul.
Despite having been born in the united States, the family decided to move to Sweden until she turned seven years old. As a result of the large mixture of cultures of their family, Nadia knows how to speak very well in Swedish, Persian and other smaller languages of Europe.
On his return to America, Björlin were established in West Palm Beach, within the state of Florida. There he attended the Palm Beach County School of the Arts (today known as the Dreyfoos School of the Arts), where he graduated with honors in music and performance.
Since their graduation, Nadia and her siblings, have found success in the music atmosphere.
In 1998, at the age of eighteen, she enrolled in a beauty contest of Miss Florida Teen, reaching a very respectable second place.
Her figure was already highly recognized by a lot of promoters and agents, so they followed the advice of one of these and devoted himself to the performance.
In 1999 he joined the division officer of the immortal soap opera american “Days of Our Lives”, which to date has over 10 thousand episodes cast. Her character Chloe Lane was introduced as a girl is quite nerdy, with big glasses and few social skills. Eventually your character will become a modest beauty, which is enamoraria of the character of Philip Kiriakis, played by the actor .
Simultaneously, the young Nadia grew and became a beauty, stunning with a great vocal. This ability for the song, left the program to become an opera singer.
During 2004, the character of “Days of our lives” is back to the main plot, and in her case with Brady Black.In 2005, come back to retire from the soap opera, to join the cast of “Sex, Love & Secrets,” along with Denise Richards.
Then, it would be a member of “Jake in Progress”, a comedy that was canceled in the second season on ABC.
Still trying his luck in his career, Nadia was part of the cast of “Out of Practice”, which he was quite popularity within the CBS, and continued until March 2007.
By that time, his image was already recognized by the executives of the film, who decided to invite her to shoot his first feature film. The same was “If I Had Known I Was a Genius”, an independent production which featured performances by Whoopi Goldberg, Tara Reid, Sharon Stone and Debra Wilson.
The plot had a very good reception within the great public of the Sundance Film Festival, and is expected to premiere at the global level for 2008.
Also during 2007 led her to the film sets of “Redline”. Her voluptuous figure made her the actress stated to be one of the main attractions of this film is full of race cars prepared and beautiful women. Male actors were top Tim Matheson, Nathan Pillips and the scottish Angus Macfadyen.
In his personal life, was engaged to Daniel Sadek and was in a couple with James Stevenson. Currently, is coming out with his colleague of “Days..”, Brandon Beemer.
After having appeared sometime during the 2004 and 2005, Nadia decided to return to “Days of our Lives” with his character Chloe, and her contract is extended for all of 2008.
Personally is in a relationship with actor Brandon Beemer, although it was previously engaged to Daniel Sadek. His relationship with the latter ended because he could not stand to see her so loose-fitting clothing in magazines such as Rolling Stone, MAXIM or FHM.

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