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Myrna Loy was born on August 2, 1905 in the United States in the town of Montana Radersburg. According to legend, his name she received as a result of his father’s romantic impressions: he was driving through a small train station in 1905, the eve of the birth of his daughter. The station is called “peace.” This is the name he liked and when the daughter was born, she was named in honor of one of the station – Myrna Adele Williams. Mother Myrna received a good education in Chicago at the American Conservatory of Music and played the piano beautifully. My father was twenty-three years, became one of the youngest politicians, a member of the Legislative Council of the State of Montana, and after a year was engaged in real estate and banking transactions. The girl is growing, and her childhood was held at the ranch of his father, and then in the town of Helena, where vozvraste twelve Myrna debuted on the stage in the production of Blue Bird.
After his father died, the family moved to Los Angeles where fifteen Myrna started getting small roles in local theater productions. At the same time she took extra music lessons and studied ballet. All of this helped her after graduation in 1923 to get a job in the theater Dancers Egyptian Movie House. There sostayalas meeting Mirna Natasha Rambovoy, the second wife of the famous Rudolph Valentino. Rambova in 1925 organized a screen test for the peace of those have been very unfortunate. Nevertheless, all of the same protection Rambovoy Myrna debuted on the silver screen in the silent film “What price beauty?”, Playing a cameo vampire. She also tried wearing blonde wig for the role of the Virgin Mary in the silent film “Ben Hur” (1925), but again bad luck and it was removed in a different role, in a black wig, she played hostess among the Roman senators.
Film studio Warner Bros. He offered Myrna, who took the pseudonym Loy, a contract for seven years with a fee of $ 75 per week. In 1926, Myrna Loy played her first prominent role in the adventure film “In the Pacific,” and then acted very actively, resulting in her piggy bank for eight years – eighty films. An amazing performance! These were mainly the role of rock or exotic beauties, fatal women and a few roles where she played a female Asian women.
In 1929, because of the crisis studio Warner Bros. He canceled the contract of the actress and she began to work with several film companies as a freelance actress, and in 1931 she played a role in the comedy film “Love me segodnyavecherom”. Myrna Loy was an attractive woman and her attention searched for such stars as John Barrymore, Leslie Howard, Clark Gable. But all comprehended failure. Nevertheless, came the first great popularity – in 1934 Loy starred in the movie “Manhattan Melodrama” (Manhattan Melodrama) with Clark Gable and William Powell – the story of two childhood friends who, as adults, were on opposite sides of the law and became rivals in fight for love Myrna heroine.
And then it was the comedy “The Thin Man”, filmed on the novel by Dashiella Hammett, and again her partner was Powell. “The Thin Man” The film was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Picture. Loy and Powell made sufficiently long kinoduet those years, starring together in fourteen paintings, including a five-sequel to “The Thin Man” – “For a thin man” (1936), “Another Thin Man” (1939), “Shadow of the Thin man “(1941),” thin chelovekedet home “(1945) and” Song of the thin man “(1947).
In 1936, the screens went two more successful pictures of the actress – comedy melodrama “Wife vs. Secretary” and a musical romantic comedy “The Great Zigfeld” where once again become partners Myrna Clark Gable and William Powell. In 1937, an opinion poll was carried out in fifty-three American newspapers, which resulted Clark Gable and Myrna Loy were recognized as the King and Queen of Hollywood.
While Myrna Loy was one of the largest and most highly paid actresses in Hollywood, and in 1937 and in 1938 was named in the top ten of the Stars, which brought the highest cash income drawn up according to an independent survey of cinemas throughout the United States. In the period between 1934 and 1939 Myrna Loy starred in the film 21.
After the start of World War II, Myrna Loy became active in the movement to raise funds for military purposes and to help the Red Cross. In wartime, it has ceased to appear, fully devoting himself to public life after winning actress has returned to Hollywood. Since 1946, she has combined the shooting with the post of observer at UNESCO. In the same 1946, she played one of the best dramatic roles – wife returned with an officer of the war in the film by William Wyler’s “The Best Years of Our Lives” (The Best Years of Our Lives), and then together with Cary Grant played in the comedy “The Bachelor and schoolgirl “(the Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer, 1947) and” Mr. Blendings builds his dream house “(Mr. Blandings builds his dream house, 1948).
Since the beginning of the 50s Miran Loy began to work in the United States Democratic Party, was shot rarely. As a fervent Democrat Myrna was one of the first who took part in the famous “witch hunt”, the fight for the cleansing of the ranks of the Communist “contagion.” In later life she was co-chair of the Advisory Council of the National Committee Against Discrimination in Housing. She is involved in politics, was a staunch Democrat and the first actress who worked in UNESCO. Throughout her career, she championed the rights of black actors and their characters demanded their images on film with dignity. In 1988 he was awarded the Kennedy Center Myrna “Lifetime Achievement Award”.
In private life she was humble, shy woman who lived with her mother. All four of her marriage were unsuccessful. For two and a half years before his death Loy received an honorary “Oscar” for his creative career. In the latter film, she starred in the 1981 “Summer Solstice” »(SummerSolstic). Autobiography: “Myrna Loy: The Rise,” it was published in 1987. Because it is known that the actress twice going through surgery for breast cancer – in 1975 and 1979. In December, 1993, during another operation Myrna Loy died. She was 88 years old, buried it at home, at Forestvale Cemetery in Helena, Montana.

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