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Berlin, 2052 year. At first glance Leo Byler seems to be a simple and unremarkable bartender. In fact, he is dumb, and he has a dark past, from which he tries to hide. One of the few joys in the life of the hero is his lover, who works as a waitress in the same institution that he is. Leo loves the girl madly, and she responds to him in kind, but one day she mysteriously disappears. The hero realizes that something bad has happened to her, and the cause of what happened is in her past. Since the disappearance of the beloved, Leo’s life has completely lost its meaning, and now all his thoughts are only concerned with how to find it. Investigating and trying to figure out everything, Leo finds himself in an underground city, where he meets two American surgeons. He is convinced that they have something to do with the loss of his girlfriend. But he can not immediately understand how they are connected with this history. The hero begins to communicate with his new acquaintances, hoping that they will help unravel the mystery of the disappearance of the girl. But who are these two really? They are friends for Leo, and is it really possible to understand them with all of their help? Or are they pursuing selfish goals, and the hero should stay away from them?
Year of manufacture: 2018
Country: United Kingdom
Director: Duncan Jones
Cast: Rosie Shaw, Eugen Bouder, Libya Mattes, Jarah Maria Anders, Caroline Peters, Laura De Boer, Gregoire Gros, Alexander Skarsgard, Seineb Saleh

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