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Moritz Bleibtreu

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German actor.
He was born August 13, 1971 in Munich, Germany.
The son of German actors Monica Bleibtreu and Hans Brenner, Moritz Bleibtreu debuted on the stage in 1992 in the prestigious Hamburg theatre “Schauspielhaus”. The father’s leaving the family when Moritz was only two years old, was the reason that the future actor since childhood had shown independence. While studying in the senior class, he left school and went to work in Paris. At the age of 19 moved to new York, then lived in Rome. In each city, he took acting lessons.
Since 1994, he began a successful film career and three years later his unpronounceable name began to remember the European movie-goers. First, due to the minor role of a gangster Abdul, a weapon which operates definitely better than his brain, and whose utterances became the highlight of the film “Knockin’ on heaven” (Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door), screened at the Moscow international film festival.
Then, as a major movie star in Germany, attracted international attention, starring in the film Tom Tykwer of “Run Lola run” (Run Lola Run, 1998).
After these paintings, which Bleibtreu showed his comic talent, he’s begun to attract dramatic and eccentric roles. The following year, after the triumph of the film “Run Lola run”, a festival success know another film starring Bleibtrey – European co-production “Moon daddy”, filmed with the direct participation of Russia, directed by Bakhtier Khudoinazarov. In this tragicomedy from the classical traditions Bleibtreu played the role of Nasruddin, shell-shocked brother of the main heroine, girl Mamlakat (Chulpan Khamatova), who live together with the insane father in the Tajik mountain village. After Mamlakat meets a mysterious stranger who introduced himself as an artist, all three are forced to go with the future mother in search of the “moon Pope”…
From film to film Bleibtreu undermined interest in his person, both from the audience and critics all over the world. In 2001, he received the award for best actor at the film festival in Seattle for the action-drama Director Oliver Hirshbigel “Experiment” (Das Experiment), in which he played the role of a prisoner. The film was an academic center through an ad in the paper recruiting for the experiment: volunteers offer for good money during the month to play prison guards and prisoners. After testing one in uniform and batons, others in uniforms with numbers and Lodge in a mock prison constructed in the basement of an office building. From the synopsis it is clear that sooner or later it comes to massive breakouts of heads and splattering blood on the walls. Opposing sides presented in a very simplified way: the guards written on my forehead that they are fascists and secret perverts, prisoners one and all a harmless, hardworking people. However, these deliberate simplifications in combination with a physiologically and intense battle to the final push the viewer to fully identify on the principle of “own-alien”, and the last ten minutes of the film the experiment literally moves out of the screen into the auditorium.
Festival recognition Moritz Bleibtreu deserved and once played in the film Oscar Relera “Elementary particles” (Elementarteilchen, 2006), and the award for best actor was presented to him at the prestigious Berlin film festival. In this picture of two brothers and their search for spiritual harmony Bleibtreu played the role of Bruno, an unbalanced, insecure and greedy carnal pleasures of a man who having experienced the passion of love and a lot of erotic experiences, throws his beloved Christine (Martin Gedeck), who became disabled.
Considerable spectator interest was manifested and the role of Bleibtrey in the film “the Baader Complex Meinhof” (Der Baader Meinhof Komplex, 2008), warmed it a dangerous subject – the activities of the terrorist “red Army faction”, or as it was called in the 1970s in Germany, the “gang of Baader-Meinhof gang.” In this movie Bleibtreu played the Central character, radically-minded descendant of a former Nazi Andreas Baader.

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