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Montgomery Clift (1920-1966)
The most successful film of Montgomery Clift – handsome, actor, favorite of women and men – was the film shot Wieland Speck, German director, an esthete of “new wave”. It is called “David, Montgomery and I”. The film was released in 1980 in San Francisco. In this picture Speck reflected the main idea of the life of the beloved actor – loneliness. The complex of rejection caused due to homosexuality, made Clift alone a lifetime. Well, who knew him Arthur Miller said: “He was extremely sensitive If Monty was not as sensitive to public morality, much of his life would have been, perhaps, otherwise, this complex of guilt, which he carried in himself, poisoning his life…”
Montgomery Clift was born October 17, 1920 in Omaha, Nebraska. Boy picture. Face of an angel, a figure of the Greek god. In addition – an exceptionally gifted.
From the age of thirteen he began his professional work on stage. Sensitive as a deer, vulnerable as a poet … For a teenager, he ceased to feel emotional integrity, harmony. Monty intuitively felt that all life will be an outsider. Sex seemed to him a terrible taboo, something completely forbidden. The boy has never had any doubts about who he would like to see a close – only men, no women. Men always fawned upon him, called, were forced to blush and accept courtship.
In 20 years, Monty has been recognized exceptional talent. At 25, he was considered as Tennessee Williams wrote, “promising young actor on Broadway.” In 1946, Monty has played a leading role in the play of Williams, “You touched me.” The rise in popularity was just space. Such dizzying success after Montgomery Clift has received, perhaps, only Marlon Brando and Clift and Brando mortally hated each other. Williams rightly believed that “his career Brando owes a terrible, which lasted for many years, the destruction of Monty.”
In the late 40-ies of his dazzling smile Monti conquered Hollywood. Elia Kazan, who later became a legend himself, brought on Monty final gloss: he taught him to decipher the characters, which had to play, radically examine them, to be with them as one.
1948 was marked by the global success of the film “Red River”. In 1951 he starred in the film Clift George Stevens’ A Place in the Sun “with Elizabeth Taylor adored him. In 1959, Clift and Taylor once again starred, this time in the film-drama of Tennessee Williams’ “One day last summer.” Monty played Sebastian, a young poet who uses as bait his mother (Katharine Hepburn) and later his cousin (Liz Taylor), to lure into their home for boys and young men. Sebastian gives free rein to their passions, enjoy life. But once this “sweet life” ends with: tempted them teenagers finish with him, literally tearing it to pieces.
Monti feared this role to impersonate, so to disclose their “blue” mystery. Throughout the 50s he was very careful to avoid exposure. This tormented, exhausting it.
“From here to eternity”, filmed by Fred Tsinnemanom in 1953, it was a triumph Monti. Clift played Prewitt soldier who took part in the events that unfolded in the Pearl Harbor shortly before the fatal airstrike. During the filming of Burt Lancaster tried to seduce Monti.
Seduce him like everything – and Tallulah Bankhead, and Dorothy Parker and Estelle Winwood. “Monti – the most beautiful of all the beauties of Hollywood – lay drunk to complete apathy in Dorothy Parker’s arms, which all stroked his soft hair and kept saying:” It is so beautiful, so sensitive, so subtly complex. The most beautiful of all the men I have ever seen. Damn shame that he – cocksucker – described later, the scene collector of scandals Truman Capote – But then this big-eyed, cute and seemingly naive lady, as if recollecting himself, corrected, turning to her friend: “Oh, my dear, I have He said something wrong? But he’s cocksucker, is not it, Tallulah? ” Miss Bankhead, stuttering drunk, with a visible effort uttered: “Oh, dd-dear, I do dd-do not really know my dick he has never sucked.”.
In 1960, John Huston invited Monti to fulfill a major role in the cowboy movie “The Misfits”. There were busy Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable and Eli Uollech. Rodeo, hunt mustangs, fights for real men. And in the middle of all this – indeed regrettable – Monti playing restless, forever wandering breeder. John Huston, this pillar of Hollywood, hated gays. If he knew that “dork” Monti – one of “those”, he would not have invited him later in the film “Freud” (1963). What nonsense, “blue” in the role of the father of psychoanalysis! And, if you look, it was not whether the Monti the most successful candidate for this role?
Houston found Monty with a friend in a double bed in the midst of them turbulent “love.” He was shocked. Monty’s reaction was almost childlike – he burst into tears. At this point, Montgomery thought of a film about the Viennese physician, who, in his words, he “gave ten years of his life.”
For 40 years of Monti become a real wreck. Constantly drunk, he was to his psychiatrist, too gay, just barely able to stand. William Silverberg, MD Clift, called him “my prince”, but the treatment did not give any results. Monti, pumped up alcohol and drugs often wandered through the night on the beach of Fire Island, trying to pick up somebody. Clift’s biographer, Robert Lagarde called it “a gay slut bad origin.” It seemed that it was possible to put an end to Monti.
Who could save Monty? .. Friends, or rather sexual partners, began to ignore it, as well as kinobossy. Monty died for them.
The only person who came to his aid, was the Liz Taylor. She began in 1985, hope and support for the Rocky Hudson called on all and sundry to assist AIDS patients. Only Elizabeth tried in those early sixties “back to life” Monty. After a terrible car accident she spend days trying to persuade him not to despair and to continue to believe in their own destiny.
Monti had to play in the role of a gay Major Pendertona in the film John Huston’s “Mirror in Golden Eye.” But he was still too weak for the shooting. It Marlon Brando, whose acting work Monti characterized only as “shit”, then took on the role.
July 23, 1966 Monty died. Liz Taylor this message caught in Europe, where she and Richard Burton filmed tape Shakespeare’s comedy “The Taming of the Shrew.” She was shocked, depressed. The plan did not allow filming her departure to Los Angeles for the funeral. On a day when buried Monti, during the filming of one scene, she burst into tears.

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