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Big love Monica Vitti
Thanks to Monica Vitti came to the film Academy? Why the producers didn’t believe that Vitti will be able to achieve success in the movie? What most impressed Michelangelo Antonioni Monica when he first saw her? What film brought the actress fame and recognition? Why Vitti rejected the proposal, asked him to become his wife? How did the lives of the actress after breaking up with Antonioni, and whether she could repeat his success in films of other Directors?
On the way to glory
Mary Louise Cecarelli was born on 3 November 1931 in Rome in a poor family. According to the actress, in the childhood parents cared more about her older brothers and almost did not pay attention to her. All she has left is to continue wearing their clothes and listen to long monologues of the mother of a happy marriage. But Maria didn’t want to get married. She always had a complex about their appearance, and in 14 years, even swore that I’m never having a family.
After high school, Maria went on to conquer the National Academy of dramatic art. The first attempt was unsuccessful. The teachers said that she’s weak vocal cords and was sent home. The next day Vitti went to the hospital, where he begged a completely unknown doctor to give her a certificate stating that her vocal chords are fine. The astonished doctor took pity on the girl, writing that she is completely healthy. And Mary was accepted into the Academy.
Three years spent in Academy, became Vitti real challenge. She loved sweets, but because of the lack of money was forced to deny myself this pleasure. As a rule, the girl was fed once a day, eating a huge sandwich with cheese and onions. In addition, she is deeply worried about his personal life. While her classmates had an affair with actors and financiers, Mary alone read scripts and rehearsed roles. A tall, thin blonde with sad eyes – then these girls are not very popular.
While training at the Academy, Maria took the pseudonym Monica Vitti, modifying his mother’s maiden name. In the evenings she played in the theater of Goldoni, and a day of running around the studios, trying to get a role. Familiar agents told her that with such data it will never become a famous actress. But Monica did give a cameo role in the film ‘Ride! Gallop! Gallop!’ (1954). So she made her film debut.
Vitti’s life changed dramatically in 1957 when she was invited to voice the English actress Dorian gray in the Michelangelo Antonioni movie ‘Scream’. She heard that the Director is stubborn and arrogant, but the first meeting with him dispelled all her fears. They met in the Assembly during a short break. He said that he likes her hoarse, low, slightly mocking voice. She thanked him and invited him to the theatre, where he performed. Michelangelo replied that he had already seen her in the play, and that her face – what he was looking for so long…
The famous Union
Meeting Monica Vitti and Michelangelo Antonioni was the beginning of a great love story, and their creative Union – the birth of two geniuses of the cinema. Michelangelo, whose friends called Michele, instantly infatuated with the young Vitti. He became everything to her: friend, lover, father, film Director. He taught her to properly walk, talk, hold a glass of champagne. Beside him, Monica felt a little girl, sheltered by her father. And Michelangelo felt himself God, who is Creator of the actress and woman.
However, the first filming with Antonioni, Vitti to become a real nightmare. On the set he was not the attentive and obedient man as he was in life. When Monica wanted to consult with him on account of his game, he retorted that nothing to chew, the actors, and that she must rely on their imagination. Then Vitti realized that in the first place it will always have a job. After all, he was a genius and could not imagine life without movies.
The first film Antonioni with Monica Vitti ‘Adventure’ (1960) brought the actress a real glory. Thanks to my beloved Monica woke up famous. Critics were talking about ‘new language’ in the film, about a genius Director, but Michelangelo knew that none of this would be possible without talented game Vitti, leading to her magnetic face with deep green eyes, the face, which he sought all his life.
Eleven years of fruitful cooperation Antonioni and Vitti gave the world four films, each of which has been accepted by public with great enthusiasm. In 1961, the screens out the picture of the ‘Night’ in which the company the actress made Marcello Mastroianni. A year later, she played with a young handsome Alain Delon in the film ‘Eclipse’ (1962), completing the Director’s ‘trilogy of alienation’. Delon wanted to have an affair with Italian, but he was disappointed. All these years, Monica remained faithful to only one man – Michelangelo.
After filming ‘the red desert’ (1964) – the last film with Monica Vitti, Antonioni went to England, where he began work on the next picture with the participation of Vanessa Redgrave. 10 weeks seemed an eternity to Monica. She could forgive Michelangelo’s physical infidelity, but he betrayed her as an actress. With this, she never resigned. Seeing his beloved suffering, she suddenly proposed to her. The actress knew that is the deception and said that maybe in a year… But a year later they broke up…
Instead of a conclusion
After parting ways with Antonioni Monica Vitti began excitedly to star in a movie, as if trying to prove something. It is with a gleam in his eyes played naive young girls, women and gambling, and extravagant Italians. Was in her career and a good, and bad movies. For example, English film ‘modesty Blaise’ (1966) was a failure, and her last film role in the movie ‘Flirting’ (1983) brought the actress ‘Silver bear’ at the Berlin festival.
However, to transcend their roles in the films of Michelangelo Antonioni, Vitti has failed. Sometimes it seems that fate brought them together deliberately to show the world the amazing power of love, which is able to control not only people’s feelings but also an art. When in 1990, Monica went to the Cannes film festival with his film ‘Secret scandal’, she didn’t know will see again Michelangelo. They met in the aisle – Director, gray, broken stroke, patted her cheek and said, ‘It was beautiful…’.
For over ten years, Monica Vitti seriously ill, but fortunately, she doesn’t know it. Her mind darkened, so she lost touch with the world. Great actress, legs which once lay the whole of Italy lives in a fantasy world in which only she and her beloved Michelangelo.

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