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It seems that in Egypt, two miracles of the world – the pyramids of Giza and Mohamed Salah. He is loved for a long time, but having beaten the world championship for the first time in 28 years, Mohamed finally turned into a hero of the nation. In Egypt, the madness of this great event has gradually subsided, but since then Salah has only boiled and burst into the new year almost the main player of the English Premier League: 17 goals scored in the championship, 6 in the group stage of the Champions League, the title of the best player in Africa -2017. His houses are loved not only for amazing performance, but also for a fabulous climb from the Egyptian wilderness.

Salah grew up in the village of Nahrig, near Alexandria. He started playing football only in seven years – inspired by the magic of Ronaldo, Totti and Zidane in an old TV, which sometimes caught football matches. There was not a normal ball in the village, so Salah and his friends made it from socks: folded into a ball and glued together. This went on until the age of 14, when the scouts of the Cairo club “Arab Contractors” noticed Mohamed at the school tournament. Competitions brought Salahu the first contract, but to get to the training, you had to shake on the road for four hours, changing at least three bus routes. And so – almost every day.

“It was early to run away from school,” he recalled. “I went to class at nine in the morning, and then got a paper from the club:” Mohamed can leave school earlier to have time for training by two o’clock in the afternoon. ” So at school I spent only a couple of hours. About 3-4 years I went to workout five days a week. At nine o’clock in the morning he left the house, he had to catch the team by 2:00 pm, classes ended at six in the evening. The road, and here I am with my family – at 22.00-22.30. “

It’s true that such a crazy zeal paid off: already in 19 years Salah made his debut in the national team of Egypt. Preparing for the Cup of Africa-2012, the team held a series of friendly matches, and one of the rivals was “Basel”. The Egyptians defeated 4: 3, Mohamed made a double and so delighted the Swiss bosses that they just moved him to Europe in a few days.

“It was very difficult,” the footballer said. “It’s incredibly difficult to move to another continent at such a young age.” I grew up in Egypt, I knew everything about Egypt. But I did not know anything about Switzerland, I did not even understand English. I did not know where to get food, and other basic things. “

Six years have passed, and now everything is perfect for Salah. He is the main star of Liverpool, learned the language, and 100 thousand pounds a week could easily erase from memory the poor childhood and the many hours travel to Cairo.

But nothing of the kind. The appearance of large sums of money Mohamed regarded as an excellent opportunity to regularly help Egypt and raise from his knees his native village.

Here are just a few stories that will show: Salah has a big heart.

Once Salah said that his favorite English word is “Love”, and certainly did not deceive. He looks like a semi-mythical character who respects everyone around him and always tries to be merciful.

In November 2017, right on the evening when Mohamed made a double in a match with Congo (2: 1) and got a ticket for Egypt to Russia, his father’s apartment was cleaned by a thief. Just a couple of days the criminal was found and arrested, and Salah’s father filed an application with the court. His son’s reaction was unexpected: he asked to immediately withdraw the claim, he met with the thief, gave him some money and in addition helped to find a job. Even if the criminal does not improve, Salah has already made the most important: he gave the man a chance.

This incredible story took place against the backdrop of another noisy event. Egyptian businessman Mamdouh Abbas was so delighted with the release at the World Cup 2018 that he wanted to give Salah a luxurious villa. It was necessary only to agree and choose a day for a tour of the new house. But Mohamed immediately refused and told Abbas that if he wants to do something pleasant for him, then he will simply donate money for the development of the village of Nahgrig.

Salah is very concerned about his native village. He is not limited to remittances, but built a school there, a covered football field and bought equipment for the gym.

The head of the village Maher Shetia is infinitely grateful: “Not only did Salah singled out our village on the world map, it also gives money for development! He donated money to the Baziun hospital – to the ventilation room, drugs and ambulances.

Salah also helps young couples to marry, transferring money for weddings.

Salah often comes to Nahrig. “He flies to every Ramadan and gives presents to local children,” said his childhood friend Basnyi. – Returning, he without exception gives autographs and is photographed. Since childhood he has not changed at all. “

For the utter care of the inhabitants of the village on behalf of Mohamed, the school and the newly constructed youth center have already been named.

In late 2017, Salah committed two more powerful actions. First, the Egyptian pound was saved, when officials admitted that it urgently needs foreign currency support (its deficit is one of the main economic problems of the country). Salah responded one of the first and gave the state 210 thousand British pounds.

Next Mohamed transferred another 27 thousand pounds to the fund of the Association of football veterans of Egypt. It supports former players who faced serious financial problems. Salah money will help 120 families whose monthly income does not exceed 400 Egyptian pounds (it’s only 16.65 pounds). The average salary in Egypt is 2900 in local currency.

The significance of Salah for the entire Middle East was explained by Ha-so Kadus, the host of the program for the Arab fans of Liverpool.

“He succeeded in something that no politician has done yet – Salah has united the Middle East. Moroccans, Tunisians, Saudis, Kuwaitis, residents of the Emirates and Oman – all want a T-shirt with his name. He gives hope to the 90 million people of Egypt. We have serious economic problems, almost every week there are terrorist attacks, and Salah is the only one who supports the inhabitants and gives them hope. Look at any cafe in Cairo, when Liverpool plays, it’s just incredible! For two hours he unites the nation and we forget about all the horrors around. “

Money and fame often maim. But it seems there are at least one person in the world who does not know anything about it.

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